dinsdag 28 februari 2017

PERSONAL | I am back again

Good morning readers, it's been nearly 1.5 months ago what I've written on my blogpage. In my private life happened a lot so I didn't had the energy to write. First, my mother deceased suddenly and then after 15 days the mother of my partner! So you can understand that I had no desire to write a blogpost. There were other things that were more important at that time.


Since I'm still looking for a job that is appropriate and where I can feel happy, it's hard for me. Job searching puts me in a depressed mood and I feel miserable, but it does not work. As a secretary or office manager there are more than thousand who had the same wish, and in addition, I am 50 year and that's makes it even more difficult because in the eyes of the employer, your are overly expensive. But of course I'm expensive because I have many years of experience and also started from the ground up so I ask salary for work experience and qualifications that I have. So I have to throw a different approach and see what interests I have. I also believe that a secretary can be placed in every industry because the work is the same, you just have to deal with technical jargon and in a few weeks you can handle it.


I love cooking. I would like to work in a restaurant or start one by myself. New cooking techniques or learn new recipes to try and go on from there to learn more. I could also make a comparison that certain acts that I might be better done at home.


Since I've started a blog page, my interest in beauty is only increased. Trying out new high-end or low-budget products, I have made it a sport. There is one drawback ....my closets are overflowing with makeup so I've given away or thrown away a lot. If I see how many make-up products I have and what the value of all that makeup is together I was shocked because it's a fortune, but I also received a lot and I have kept some products because they were quite expensive in terms of purchase. Working in a drugstore is also an option for me because I can test the product and write a review about it and then may recommend to the customer. That would be a dream of a job.


I love to travel !! Learning new languages ​​is a desire I have. I must say that I understand a number of languages, speak, write and read but there are many other languages ​​that I absolutely want to master. Before, I always wanted to work in the tourism industry but because there was no money I couldn't do the tourism training at the time in Hengelo or Breda. Fortunately, I can do a lot of language in my work and learn during the holidays or family visits. English, German, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, some French, some Spanish, some Turkish, some Italian. In some languages I can speak a whole conversation but in some languages I understand what they saying but I can't have a whole conversation. Put me as a travel companion and I will survive. I would do it gladly as travel companion or working at a travel agency. Not only the benefits but also to learn to connect with people and new languages.


For a few years I'm totally in to the DIY. I can not buy anything so I turned a ugly product into something beautiful. So I use my creativity develops and I saw that there is more in me than I had imagined. I'm always proud when a painting is finished and when people like or love it. I would quite like to learn and work as an interior designer. The composition of color and texture in an interior. You must have a feeling for it because I see often enough on facebook that people decorate their house and it does not look beautiful in my eyes because they do not do well the color combination or use the wrong materials. Oh well, maybe in the future someone needs me to redecorate their house with a completely furnished metamorfose.

Despite a sad beginning of the year 2017, I remain positive and I continue to believe in a great future! The most important thing is still that it's better to have a good health because if you're not healthy you can not work and your life will look very dull, sad and gloomy.

I'll hope you will still follow me and still reading my blogposts because I need my followers to survive. 



donderdag 5 januari 2017

My favorit beautyproducts from 2016

2016 has been passed for a few days. We're now living in 2017. Time flies fast and so much has happened in my personal life but also in beauty. I've been thinking what I have discovered in 2016 when we talking about beauty. Of course, you always have your favorites and therefore I will show you my favorite makeup products in this blogpost. Unfortunately Essence and Catrice have no foundation and concealers for dark skin otherwise I would want to buy all the products of them.

My favorite makeup products at a glance

1. Primer

I have tried all kinds of primers from lowbudget to highend but my favorite is the one from Smashbox. It is a significant investment for me early this year but you only need very little. The Photo Finish Primer is totally awesome. I use the primer mainly on special occasions were they made lots of pictures. And it really helps. But if you have less money and you want to wear makeup every day than use a cheap primer from Max & More (Action) although there certainly is a difference in substance. But your makeup will stay all day.

2. Foundation

There are two foundations that are favorites for me for the seasons winter/spring and summer/fall. Namely the foundations from HEMA (color fits perfectly with my skin color) and MAC Cosmetics. A foundation belongs as to fit close to your skin as it is otherwise it is too light OR it is too dark and both are NOT DONE.

3. Concealers

I do not always need a corrective concealer but I have the one from MAC Cosmetics. In addition, a concealer that two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight the area around your eyes. Both products are from Mac. Since the MAC products are fairly pricey, I also use a cheaper/lowbudget concealer the one from L.A. Girl in the  color FAWN

4. Powders


To secure your concealer, I recently actually just use the yellow powders Sacha Buttercup settingowder and the one from ELF. 2 different products actually 2 different colors yellow exhibit but prices vary enormously.


Use a facepowder align with your skintone of the moment. So for the winter/spring, use a different color for summer/fall. The Black Opal deluxe finishing powder is much lighter than the Etos facepowder but both are good for my face color.

5. Contour- or bronzingpowder

I must say that I not always contours or bronze. Actually just for special occasions. Using a bronzer usually when the summer is over because you want to retain the tinted skin. The contourpalettes from Max & More and Sleek where my favorits in 2016.

6. Blush & Highlighters

There are a range of blushes which are beautiful and i've got a lot in my makeup stash, so I can't name a favorit. I just buy blushes that are on sale at that time or they are simply lowbudget. This is different with the highlighter! The highlighters from (for example) H & M or the highlighterpalette from Sleek is awesome. Super products.

7. Brows & Mascara

Talking about brows?!! I'm still learning how to create the right eyebrow shape and tried all kinds of pencils, gels, dipbrows etc. and i'm still come to the conclusion that the following products are good. Unfortunately I can not buy the products from Anastasia Beverly Hills but in compensation I still found some that do just as well.

8. Eyeshadow (pallets)

Let's talk about eyeshadow. I love the palettes and last year throw away the single eyeshadows because how to order them in my makeup stash? Better using palettes. My favorites are the dupes from Too Faced! For example, the Chocolate Bar dupe. Totally awesome and for sale at the Kruidvat or Trekpleister. And of course the eyeshadow palettes from W7 !!

These where my favorites of 2016. But...I'm not ready about 2016! In another blogpost I will continue because we have to talk about lipsticks, brushes and other products



BEAUTY | The beautiful lowbudget bronzer from Alterra Naturkosmetik

Previously I've wrote a review about the low-budget brand Alterra. During my visit to Germany, I also saw that they had a great color of bronzer that's perfect for a dark skin. I've always had problems when buying a bronzer because it was usually too light for my skin. The Golden Wish MultiColour Bronzer is a awesome asset to my makeup stash

Alterra Naturkosmetik - Golden Wish - Glory Bronze

I have already wrote a review about the blush from the Alterra which Rossmann has developed this product based on natural ingredients, but I realized that it is a series of products from Golden Wish. Time to actually go back to Germany they are more in this series

What is a bronzer and how do you use it?

A bronzer is mostly a brown/terra collored powder which you can use to give your skin a sunnier touch. It is a fine product that you can use to make your skin, subtle, darker without it looks unnatural. Check out videos on YouTube how you apply a bronzer.

A Bronzer you can apply to the parts of your face where you are normally fastest brown. A powderbronzer you can apply it the best with a large, wide powder brush or possibly a special source tombstone washes or wider blush brush with real hair. The powderbronzer divides subtle and the effect is the best. You go for the sunkissed effect, then it is best to use a bronzer with a subtle sheen, matte bronzer (which there are) are therefor sometimes too dull and that are particularly suitable again for use as a shaping powder.

If you have a round face you can use the bronzer to let your face appear more oval. You can get it by using the bronzer or a dark colored powder with a three-movement step over your sleep over your cheekbones and along your jaw with a brush. You'll see results immediately.

The Glory Bronze from Alterra

Such a beautifull which got 3 colors in the powder but on the brush and on your skin it gives a light color. But when I put the bronzer on my face it turns dark. It is the right color for my dark skin and so it is YES for me. 

If you visit Germany, you have to go to Rossmann and look at the products from Alterra. 



dinsdag 20 december 2016

BEAUTY | A golden glow on your cheecks with this lowbudget product

Once I wrote a review about the mosaic blush of the housebrand from the Action. I've wrote a review about the pink blush. What I'd forgotten is that they also had a brown color of the same brand. The Mosaic Blush number 02. I'll test it for you and give my findings of this product.

Fashion Professionel 

Fashion Professionel is a brand which I have only seen in the Action Nederland. The products were produced on behalf of Max Brands Marketing, a Dutch company in Bleiswijk. I think that the products comes from China because almost all the products of the Action are "made in China"! I could be wrong though but just look to all the products that you buy at the Action. Nevertheless is half my house full of Action products. It is cheap and they have nice beautiful things.

At first I'd only concerned with the makeup products of Max & More but nowadays the shelves begin to fill up with the products of Fashion Professionel. Normally I would not buy this kind of stuff in other stores, but I notice that the makeup products provide intense colors. Unfortunately they have no foundation and concealer for dark skin but in terms of primer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and so is the choice available in the Action: be quick because the next day the shelfs will be empty.

Mosaic blush No. 02

The design is so funny. You can see an embossed golden hearts in the pink powder. So beautiful and artfully. Actually sin to use it. The product is packed in a sturdy plastic box with lid. I think this box will not easily break. Actually, I'm curious about the swatch because the first few times it will of course give a golden brown color on your cheeks, but will it move in pink? We will find it out over a while.

The swatch

Because my lens got a error or something I can't make a self-portrait because it is always unclear. So that's why I'd made a swatch on my upper hand which is really too dark to take a picture but I have too. You can immediately see how the blush manifests on your skin.

On the packaging they wrote BEIGE ... but look carefully at the pictures below! It's just gold and not even brown or beige, but really a golden color. Would you still use it as blush?

This product isn't dusty. You've only need a little bit of the blush because it's gives a very deep and intense color. I do believe that you are really need a makeup spray to to fix it because over a time you'll see it fade. So always carry it in your handbag.


Tinted ladies ..... buy it! Do not use it as blush but use it as a highlighter! You will not regret because even I use it now as a highlighter. It's worth for the price € 1.49. Sooo cheap and good for our dark skin. Let's Christmas coming because we are ready for the partylook!!

Have you also bought this mosaic blush from the Action? Write below this blog post your comment. I wonder if you have the same experience as me.



vrijdag 16 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget highlighter from Max & More

Yeah, I'm an avid visitor of the Action! And what I've found now is soooo beautiful. A highlight of Max & More. And of course I wanted to try this because everything what lowbudget is, I want tot try and share my findings with you so you can buy a highlighter if you don't have enough money to spend.

Highlighter Illuminator Visage

As the name says: the illuminator light up your face. A metamorphosis you could call it. What a shine and what a beautiful colors on the cheek. This highlighter is quite nice for dark skin because it emits a bronze glow.

Package, Information and content

The highlighter is in a square black box as we accustomed from Max & More . The box looks like stable but unfortunately it's cheap plastic so it can break very quickly. So beware if you put it in your makeup bag. I usually put a rubber band around it in case it's going to break. On the top, on the right side of the box 01 NUDE. Well it's certainly not nude on my skin color. More gold/bronze glow. According to the description you need to remove the product with a makeup remover based on oil. perhaps this means that it delivers a fairly intense color which you have to remove it with the with oil-based remover? All information regarding the product is good and clearly defined.

The highlighter

When you open the box you will see four colors of bronze from dark to white. With this kind of products I've always sit and think how to summon it with a brush, because if you want to use one color it is not possible! Should you whipe with your brush from light to dark or dark to light? I just try from light to dark. Although .... I when I get my finger on the blush I saw a very nice color on it. I must say that a lot of powder was coming from it but it wasn't dusty.



For the price € 0.99 I would not let it lie. I say buy. The intensity of the color is great and you only need a little bit to get the shine on your cheekbones. Blending is easy and gives a healthy glow on your dark skin. I do not know how the product's will looks on a light skin but I would say just try it.

Have you bought this highlighter from Max & More? I want to know what your experience is with this product. Leave your comment below this blogpost.