donderdag 31 december 2015

BEAUTY - Review Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

Good morning, you'll be showered and done your hair in the meantime and now you're going to start with your makeup. You have a lots of foundations and perhaps now considering " Which foundation do I use today? " . Then read this review of the Inglot YSM Cream Foundation.

Inglot Foundations

Inglot is a cosmetics brand that originated in Poland. In terms of appearance, I think the brand is similar to MAC Cosmetics. In Poland the brand is much cheaper than abroad. So if someone has plans to go to Poland don't forget to buy the products of Inglot. 

Inglot has four types of foundations in its range:
AMC Cream Foundation: For a natural effect and good for the dry skin.
Cream Foundation: a moisturizing, non-greasy silky foundation for a healthy, natural-looking skin.
HD perfect coverup Foundation: a hypoallergenic foundation with excellent coverage which unevenness are less visible.

YSM Cream Foundation: a light coverage foundation with a strong mattifying effect for a smooth, natural-looking finish (semi coverage).

YSM Cream Foundation

Is a light coverage foundation with a strong mattifying effect for a smooth, natural-looking finish. Special ingredients (peach extract) provide a relaxing skin. The YSM foundations consist of several brilliant and long lasting shades. Suitable for all skin types especially young skin because of the mattifying effect. Free of parabens. Sold in a tube of 30 ml. I bought mine at the Inglot store in Dusseldorf for € 20, = . Unfortunately I could not take pictures in the store because it was not allowed. But what I saw was a shop with sweets and beautyfull different colors. The store reminded me of the MAC store in Amsterdam .

How to use this product

The foundation is a not thin liquid and spreadable foundation. So one pump was enough for me to provide the entire face using the 21T Inglot make-up brush or a foundation brush. Start in the middle of your face at nose and working it out. This brush does not leave streaks and gives perfect coverage.
Then go with the 27TG stippling brush in a circular motion with the product "blending" over your entire face. Then I use a powder to fix the product.

color 53

With my dark skin, a yellow undertone and skintype combination, the makeup artist chose the color 53. When you choose a foundation first try it in the neck and smeared on the jaw in order to test so that the color corresponded to my skintint. Subsequently, the makeup artist a smeared  the foundation on a piece of my face and blended it very well allowing it came to a great result because my face looked immediately different. Much healthier, super smooth and great mat ..... and maybe a little younger. This is my foundation for the common winter.


So you need only one dropje to lubricate the foundation over your whole face. The foundation is thin but not that it flows out of your hand. Remains well down on the skin and is very light. You dont feel that its on your skin and I love it. Semi -coverage is called the foundation. I've done a swatch on my hand but it was better to try out on your jaw line because my hand is darker than my face .

Are you a fan of Inglot and you have multiple products of this Polish brand ? Late in a picture what you have and what you think of this.

Greetings Paula

woensdag 30 december 2015

DIY - A canvas hart with wood

Good morning, today I have a DIY blog post for you. The last Christmas everyone was only busy with Christmasdinner, Christmastree, Christmas decorations, but I have not fully participated in except that I had made ​​a Christmas wreath. In addition, I have been really ill the last two weeks and could not do so much for the Christmas Feeling .

How to proceed ?

I had a canvas shaped in a heart in my craftbox and was practice what to do with it. First I dyed the heart in my desired color.

I found two bags with wood rounds and then immediately i've got the idea to glue the wood circles on the canvas heart 

I immediately went to work with bookbinding glue

See the results here below

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Greetings Paula

dinsdag 29 december 2015

DIY - The trendy Christmas Wreath

Yes, I know, Christmas is over but this blogpost was allready written and the pictures were made and I thought it is worth to post this blogpost. 

Christmas wreath in copper

I like making Wreaths because it's give me a lot of fun. You're concentrating and the world around you, you forget. When all the Christmasballs are exhausted and they're all on the strawwreath with glue then you have already created something that is yours.

So you start with a straw wreath or another kind of garland and you build it up to your work of art.

Do you also made a Christmas wreath from Christmas balls? Please leave a comment and a picture behind under this blog post. Indeed, I wonder which style and taste everyone .

Greetings Paula

Update last 2 weeks

A very goodmorning to you all. I hope you have a good Christmas and enjoy these with your family or friends.

2 weeks flu 

Well my Christmas where terrible. I had the flu and couldn´t enjoy this days. It starting with getting cold and than getting warm and than my stomic went totally crazy. I was lying in bed and the pain in my stomic made me moved to the couch. So during 2 weeks I couldn´t went out outside and couldn´t eat very well. 

But the good thing is, is that I´ve could watching the television and got a lot of inpsiration for my blogpage

So starting today I will come back with lotst of difference articles about beauty, lifestyle, DIY, food and travel.

zaterdag 19 december 2015

BEAUTY - Lowbudget christmasgifts W7

Just a few days untill Christmas and you didn't buy anything because you're forgot it, you didn't have any time to buy some presents or you just don't know what to buy. Maybe I can help you with giving advice about giving Christmas beautygifts. I love the W7 eyeshadow palettes. All the eyeshadow has got a good pigmentation and the colors are very intense. Try it and buy it

W7 In the Buff

W7 In the Night

W7 In the night: up in smoke

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Greetings Paula

BEAUTY - The must haves in your make -up bag

Is it almost holiday time?? Maybe holiday is starting for you and you have plans to make a short holiday in the country or abroad so you have to pack your luggage and not to forget your make-up bag. What do you take with you in your make-up kit because every woman always wants to carry her whole make-up stash with her? I have a few "must haves " that you absolutely must take with you in your makeup kit.

Day cream or BB cream

A good daycream/moisturizer in a tube or bb-cream that moisturized your skin. With this severe weather your skin needs more care than usual and without a cream I never go outside the door.

Eyebrow Pencil

I believe that you should always have an eyebrow pencil (with a brush on the other side) in your make-up bag. With this you can always update your eyebrows You don't have to do a complete metamorphosis but a detail signing is always useful.


Always useful. You can always update your eyebrows or if it is so dramatically you can mold out... epilation.


To make sure that there are no dark spots on your skin or blemishes, I always have an concealer in my bag. In case off because do you like to walk outside with a perfect make-up but and seeing the dark spots or the redness from blemishes on your face?

Translucent powder

This product is so super handy because it doesn't have a color, it makes your face flawless and mat. No shiny face because off the sweat during the whole day. Do not use too much because otherwise you will got a white haze over your face and you'll be looking like a Japanese geisha .... is not really the intention isn't it?!

Powder Brush

Applying a powder without a powderbrush isn't possible...but that's my opinion. You van use it for your translucent powder, blush, bronzing powder, contourpowder, etc. It's always handy to have a travelerssize in your bag.


A makeupbag is not complete without mascara (I always have 2 in my makeup bag). A mascara that give your lashes volume or you give extra length doesn't matter as long as you get one in your bag.

Lip balm and / or lipstick

Last but not at least ... something for your lips ..... lipstick or lip balm. I have them both in my makeupbag because I get very quick dry lips. Of course you need to drink a lot of water but sometimes I forgot to do it.

If you have a different composition in your makeupbag? Please let me know by leaving a comment below my blog post.

Greetings Paula