donderdag 28 januari 2016

FOOD - Quickly warm rolls with yoghurt as an ingredient

Good morning , what do you do when you discover in the morning that suddenly you have no bread at home? Then you make it yourself ? I found a recipe that's very quickly and naturally and easily. This recipe is a bit like the Turkish Pogaca but without the padding that always in it.


250 grams of wheat flour, 
125 ml of sunflower oil , 
250 ml of yoghurt, 
1 sachet baking powder, 
pinch of salt, 
1 egg white, 
1 egg to lubricate the rolls, 
Nigella seed sor black sesame seeds,


Preheat the oven to 175 degrees.

Put in a bowl the ingredients: wheat flour, sunflower, yogurt, baking powder, salt and 1 egg and mix it well with your washed hands. Knead it well.

Place the dough on, with flour pollinates, counter top and knead the ball further and then put it back in the bowl and put a damped tea towel over the bowl and leave it in a warm place for 2 or 3 hours.

Get the dough after out afther rising and place it on the worktop (floured) and take pieces of dough and make balls from it and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Add 1 egg in a bowl and beat them. Smooth the egg on the beads

Drizzle now nigella seeds or black sesame seeds on the beads

Bake the rolls in the preheated oven for 20 minutes at 175 degrees.

Buon appetito !!

Greetings Paula

woensdag 27 januari 2016

BEAUTY - My evening routin

Good morning, if you daily put or use make-up on your face,  it'is advisable to get off this every night. Every woman forget it sometimes so it's even important because the skin needs more care. They say and it's written on the most websites, that the older you get your skin becomes impaired in many ways, so for me it's important that I have a good evening routine for my skin.


First I start the evening with cleaning of my skin with a gentle product the cleansing milk of the brand from drugstore Kruidvat. I'm content because it feels soft. I rub the milk all over my face and then I take it off with a warm, damped washcloth. I saw this when I was in the beautysalon because it felt good and you don't have to use two or more cottonpads. You also have the feeling that all mak-up is gone .


Before I use the tonic, I always wash my face with the cleansing gel from the drugstore Kruidvat. For me this works better because the gel erase or remove the traces of makeup AND you need less tonic .

Cleansing Tonic

I always let my skin rest for a few minutes before moving on to the next step. Normally you want to use the tonic a wimp , but try to match the product agrees with your fingers on your skin. It feels really refreshing to. You could pour the tonic into a spraybottle and make a face spray.. However, make sure the bottle is properly washed .


My skin is now completely clean and fresh and it is now time for a serum. I use the Q10 plus Nivea anti-wrinkle serum. It's actually not a liquid serum but pearls that, after they come out of the pump, a thick cream is. According to the packaging the product contains a lot of Q10 which makes your skin sophisticated, smooth and youthful looking. At least ... that is on the packaging they wrote and in all those commercials they make about this product. I'm starting to believe it too because this year I'm getting 50 years old and I have to say .... very few wrinkles.

Nourishing Night Cream

My nourishing night cream is a very low budget product and I bought it in a lowbudget store named Action. In the beginning I had my doubts about this product but afterwards it felt better and better so I 've been to my 2nd jar. According to the packaging Q10 , vitamin E and Shea Butter is in it. Well, sounds good, right? But it is really good. I've paid less than 2 euro for it and I'm very satisfied.


You can choose to use a facemask afther cleaning. It's relaxing and it's very good for your skin. Check what your skin type is because you can't use all the facemasks. I usually use the facemask after my skin has been cleaned and afther I took a shower because the steam of the shower put my pores open. I have three kinds of masks that are good for combination skin : Garnier 3 -in- 1 cleansing gel, peeling and mask, Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal clay mask and from the Dutch brand Van der Hoog Anti -aging goodbye wrinkles powder mask for a smoothing and stimulating effect . Well with this assortment, I 'll be good for the common months because a facemask you only use once a week.

Eye Mask

With a mask on your face you have to think that your eyes also needed care. I have a healthy and natural solution to an eye mask ... cucumber ... Yeah, I cut two slices and put it on my eyes and go chill with the declared time of the mask. Feels good and it is good for your eyes.

You could also use the Chamomile tea bags on your eyes. Calming and good for swollen eyelids and also inflammatory. If you use loose tea than you can use cotton pads dipped in tea.

Do you also have one of the above products? Leave a comment below this blog post what is your experience with this product .

Greetings Paula

dinsdag 26 januari 2016

FOOD - Kue mangkok (steamed cupcake)

Good morning,  daily I like to eat cookies ore cakes. I can go to the supermarket and buy lots of packages cakes and other stuff when it's finished go back again to the supermarket but it's not satisfact me. So I'll make it by myself.

In the past, and I'll talk about more than 10 years ago, I've weekly made Indonesian and Moluccan biscuits/cookies/snacks. During the years I've got increasingly busy at my job and so had less time. Meanwhile I've got plenty of time, so I'm starting backing again. Searching for recipes and seeking them out and do some experiments with them again and again. I have to make food that I like and I'll try to improve a recipe again and again.

My mother has 10 children, so when we were little childeren, she made everyday tasty things. She stood for hours in the kitchen and always came up with the delicious Indonesian and Moluccan snacks. The last couple of years she can't do it anymore because she lives in a nursing home but she has learned us all (mandatory) to cook, bake and frying. One of the recipes she always made is Kue Mangkok. Kue Mangkok means a cookie in a glass. In the past she indeed made the steamed cupcakes in a tea glass and when they were ready she always gave my sister and me a warm kue mangkok to taste . I do not have small tea glasses so I used the cupcake silicon.

The following recipe I've got from my cousin from Arnhem. And they are delicious ....just try


Ingredients ( 10 pieces)

2 cups self-rising flour,
1 cup fine sugar,
Foodcolor: just choose the color you like (I used the green pandan paste and pink coloring of the Xenos (a dutch warehouse). If you want to go for natural foodcolor then you can use beetjuice or other natural product),

1 sachet vanilla sugar,
1 sachet baking powder (first mix the baking powder with lukewarm water to activate the powder),

1 cup dried coconut,

2 cups with Sprite or mineral water (at least carbon dioxide in it. Soda is also possible), 
Pinch of salt, 
10 papers cupcakemold, 

10 cupcakemold from silicone or small teacups are also good but don't use the paper cupcakemolds inside. You can do this afther the are steamed, 

A steamer to steam the Kue Mangkok, 

Gravy spoon, 


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Put in a mixing bowl the selfraising flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, dry coconut and mix it well 

Add the Sprite (or the mineral water) and stir it well with the dry ingredients. You will always see pieces of the coconut but that's allright. The batter is watery and that's good.

Take two bowls and divide the batter equally in the bowls.

Add the colorants that you like. Each bowl a different color. You only need a few drops because the colorant spread very well .

Your batter is ready to go in to the molds.

Put in the meanwhile the steamer on the stove and let the water boil well till hot. Put the lid on the bottom pan. The pan with the holes you gonna use it later.

Put the paper cupcakemols in the silicone cupcakemolds and put it in the pan with holes. Now you can put the batter in the molds and close the pan with the lid for 20 minuts. Let it steam let it steam and don't open it during the 20 minutes.

Steam the cupcakes in 20 minutes . You can see that the cake has risen considerably and the top is cracked open. This is very good.

Enjoy you'r delicious steamed cupcake and...oh yes...please write a comment below the blogpost if you made them!

Greetings Paula

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maandag 25 januari 2016

BEAUTY - Beautyproducts of the day

Good morning, today i.ts Monday and a new day brings new opportunities. In the morning I wake up and do the blinds up and then talk to myself "Good Morning Paula, it's a new day and a new week and we gonna go for it! ". And yes, we will certainly do that. But first, showering, dressing and than the makeup of the day. A good start makes your day good.

Today, I feel very good so I want to make myself beautiful and wanna create a natural look. It's winter so exuberant makeup is impossible for me. No bright colors but calm warm colors.

The products


Afther cleaning my face and using a moisturizer, I use the primer from W7. Such a fine product. Lubricates very well today but it makes my skin dry. Does it do its job? So it works?

I leave the primer do his work for 10 minutes and then I use the Etos (drugstore in the Netherlands) foundation. The Ulatra light foundation in the color hazelnut. I must say that this foundation smells a bit like chemicals but if you smear it on your face, there,s nothing to worry about. Very strange! It is a medium coverage foundation so for a weekday that's good.

To the imperfections of my face I use the corrector and concealer palette from Sleek, color number 04. I thought this was the darkest, but nothing is less true. There is a darker version. As you can see, I have already used this palette frequently and that's why the middle color of reached the pan. Good stuff and good coverage and absolutely the same like my skincolor.

My face is now smooth, one color and flawless but I have to put more depth I need a brightner under my eyes . I use the concealer from Sleek Lumaire , No. 03

I don't need more products on my face for the base so it's time to powder my face off with the Etos compact powder.

For a little bit color on my face, I use the NYC blush Cheek Glow color 650 Nolita Pink. A nice soft pink color and the pigment is very good. Use a bit from the powder blush.

Eyes and lips

Everyday using eyeshadow is not my thing because it's not natural to my opinion. I only use eyeshadow by special occasions, but today I felt like I have to use just a little bit. The bake eyeshadow from the dutch drugstore Etos in the color 4059-101 ( so strange that assists so many numbers and no name), is a nice color. It has a aubergine color and it's good for the crease area. An eyeliner from Maybeline and the dark brown color from the lipstick from Etos color Care No. 003 makes the look complete. Today no mascara because there's something wrong with my eyes so I safe the painless.


A few months ago I was looking at my eyebrows and saw that it could look better, so I started to practicing to get it perfect and in the right shape. First I using the wax and then I draw the topline and bottomline with an eyebrow pencil and the middle I fill in with eyebrowpowder from the W7 Brow Parlour kit. This kit is very good and very cute. This kit you can put it in your handbag because it's small.

So, my look is finished and now I've to focusing on the rest of the day doing things that I absolutely have to do .

Do you use one of these products or do you want a tutorial with swatches? Leave a comment below this blog post.

Greetings Paula