vrijdag 25 maart 2016

LIFESTYLE - Are you also tired of the overflowing wardrobe ?

I was so tired that I had so many clothes in the closet and hang out and each time had to clean up the piles again. I took a firm decision to keep any pants, undershirt , shirt, long sleeve , dress , skirt, sweater , sweaters, etc. 7 because I want to participate to the Capsule Wardrobe meaning that you have to hold 33 items and use it for 3 months without buying clothes in these months. After three months you can shop again but keep your 33 items.

Cleaning and tiding

Before you go clean up your closet take three bins or garbage bags with the words KEEP, THROW AWAY/GIVE AWAY or SELL. Now you can start. Check out which clothes you DO fit and stop it immediately in the container HOLD. Clothes you don't fit or can't use you put it in the 2 remaining containers or garbage bags. I'm so proceed because I do not want to think first to give it away or HOLD. Too difficult for me of course ....

In the meanwhile I had five full bags with SALE and during the sale on the IJ halls I found out automatically which items goes to the "social container for clothes".

Status wardrobe now

My closet becomes now very empty...and I finally it's easier for me to choose the right clothes for the morning and it takes me less time. To make it easier for me, I have only 2 to 3 colors for my clothes. Namely black/blue, white/beige and pink. I actually wear mainly black clothes because of the viewpoint of efficiently doing the laundry. You know how it is super convenient to do laundry if you have only a few colors. I have the black wash, white wash and a wash with teatowels/wipes/towels. It's a practical reason for these choose too.

Number of garments

From every color and item I've kept 7 pieces because 1 week have 7 days AND because I have something with the number 7. When you go to your work, you want every day fresh clothes. In addition, to combine all the items together. Now it's the game to not to buy clothes during the 3 months because otherwhile your closet will be crowded again. I 'm going to keep this up well ..... I have to ! From the jerseys and sweaters I only kept 3 pieces from each.

In my closet I only have the next pieces:

7 pants, 7 dresses, 7 skirts, 7 bermudas, 7 Briefs, 7 singlets / little shirts, 7 t-shirts, 7 t-shirts with long sleeves, 7 turtlenecks, 3 wool sweaters, 3 sweaters3 jogging pants3 pyamas

In my wardrobe (which was quite full so I had to hang clothes out of the closet ) I have the following items:

3 jackets
3 winter coats
3 trenchcoats
2 raincoats
3 leather jackets
3 vests


I want to have a minimalist living. This means that you have less things in your house and therefore more emptiness in your head and making and giving you more space in your head and life. It's a psychological thing but it helps. So I started with  my wardrobes but will follow the rest of the house

IJ halls

Therefore saling your clothes, footwear, jackets and other accessories is an alternative for saling on the dutch marketplace. Because I 've been through negative experiences on marketplace but also on facebook , I'm still rather on the IJ halls, although not always yielding but it's just a nice day without thinking of working.

Next step

The next step that will follow are my shoes. Ladiessss......we love shoes and I have a lot. I've just sold a few on the market on the IJ-hallen but there are more! In a next blogpost I will write about it. 

Do you also know that feeling that you hate a crowded closet? Try it what I did! However, be alert that you will struggle to give away or throw away clothes but you should also remember that if you have an empty shelf, you can buy new ones after 3 months.

Greetings Paula

donderdag 24 maart 2016

Lifestyle - A new job and a new situation

Hoiiii , almost two weeks i haven't the time to write something on my blog but there is a good reason for this. Actually since Monday, March 14th I have a new job. A job as an office manager at a home care organization . A very nice job that is very intensive but fun. After two years of not working was not for me to get used properly and the 1st day I almost fell asleep on the desk .

Pick up the pieces

I 'm picking up the pieces again and had some things in my head to write about. For example: minimalist life, capsule wardrobe, and a number of other cute articles!

Nowerdays I always read and hear the people saying "I want....I want....I want" and this kind of life has a reverse effect on me. I want " less less less ". I want to reduce my excess stuff in my home and make sure I have a quiet private life besides my busy work life .

My new job

A funny and challenging job. The company I work for is a young, still growing home care organization and my work is very diverse and totally different than what I've done normally. Currently I am working with recruitment and I note that this is quite difficult because the search for candidates by a Curriculum vitae is intense and not always gives a positive result. But I'm a fighter and keep searching and finding. Part of your job of course.

That's why I will ask you to keep following my blogpage and keep tuned. 

Greetings Paula

zondag 13 maart 2016

TRAVEL - Review Restaurant Souvla Amsterdam

Skewers, skewers and only skewers. That's why this restaurant calls Souvla because in the Greek language this word means skewer. On the website they say "What do you think when you hear the word Souvla ? Grilled pata negra, tenderloin or octopus ? Probably not." Of course not, I think of Souvlaki ... but that's not true. If you look at the menu, you'll stumble across totally different things ... SKEWERS

1st impression

When you enter the restaurant you do not even notice that it is a mediteranese restaurant. No, it is cozy and warm . Wooden tables, dark gray walls and pretty pastel colors as decoration. Souvla has a Greek owner, and you realize this when you read the menu.


Gamba Oresti's

Polpo a la Griglia (I think it means grilled octopus)

Carpaccio of Beef

The main menu

Consists of different types of meat and fish but on skewers ofcourse. Souvla Tenderloin piri, souvla Tenderloin Provence and Poussin of the spit. Each dish represents a particular country.

Side dishes

Additionally, you could choose from a number of side dishes like corn on the cob, fries, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Bit small portions for a large group so the side dishes were quickly empty. Here they have to think about to give larger portions for a big group.


The desserts looked good and tasted also very tasty. Affogato al Cafe , Cheesecake, Chocolate ice cream with amaretto , Scroppino etc. Actually, I thought it was a shame because I was expecting desserts that were directed to a particular country ! But nonetheless, the desserts were incredibly tasty and very nicely presented.

Final conclusion

The guys who has helped us did their best and were very cute . Friendly, welcoming and liked jokes. Restaurant Souvla on the Hugo de Grootplein 10 hs Amsterdam deserves 8 points to me. They do well in that neighborhood. Previously I lived in that neighborhood and saw that the square has become neater and cozier and with some nice restaurants there is only become more vivid. Do come in the summer to this square and you find and see the activity. I recommend restaurant Souvla to do a snack and a drink but above all for fun. Make use of a composite menu because I thought you could eat off of it. Check or google and you will automatically find an offer.

Have you ever been in this restaurant or do have you plans to go there ? Leave a comment below this blog post and I always will respond.

Greetings, Paula

vrijdag 11 maart 2016

BEAUTY - The top highlighter I ever had

I don't know who made the ideas or designs for Sleek MakeUp but this man or woman is a genius . The Highlighter Sleek palette is a product that you really need to have in your makeup stash. It doesn't matter whether you have a dark, medium or light skin, this highlighter is one of my favorites.

The package

First, the box is packaged in a beautiful black box with exactly an indicate what the product is. On the back of the box they shows you how to use the highlighters.

The highlighters itself is packed in a beautiful golden brown shiny box with a mirror inside .

The Colours

The highlighters colors are so beautiful. Check out the picture below. Each color has a name: Platium, Royal Gold, Rennaissance Gold and  Antique Gold. Top colors. I've swatch the product on my arm and look how those colors shines. The product blends very good.

The highlighting palette Sleek MakeUp is an asset in your makeup stash . The price quality ratio is above average.

Do you also have this palette too ? What is your experience with this product?

Greetings Paula

donderdag 10 maart 2016

BEAUTY - Etos Highlighter Powder - Gold

Where is the sun? It is still a bit cold and our skin looks lighter than normally. If we pur our make-up in the morning and look in the mirror at our pale skin, we need the highlighter to brighten up the look. Today I'll review the Etos Highlighter Powder, the Gold color. For dark skin, this is a good and beautiful color and product. It's warm but gives a beautiful shine and gives a brightening effect. Just read this review.

First of all, look at the designs created in the highlighter. What a beautiful structure. Actually I didn't want to use the highlighter because I didn't want to make a mess because the design is cute. Design is nothing to note in. I've had some problems when using  the product with a highlighter brush. Don't use too much powder because it's so powdry, so the brush is full and you have to watch out. So first tapping out the powder on your brush and then use it .

The highlighter is, just like the other products of Etos Beauty, packaged in a black box with transparent lid. I have occasional problems with the lid because it is sometimes difficult to open. On the other hand, a positive point because it doens;t easily opens when you have it in your bag.

In terms of price you can not complain because the Etos Beauty products are among the budget makeup.

Let's do a swatch on my upper hand. With a brush I've used the product. First I need to tip off the powder because there's a lot of product. Then I give a wipe with a brush and immediately you see the brilliance of the powder. Very nice. Afterwards I applied the powder over my cheekbone, and the luster is very nice. I'm going to use this product often.

I do believe that if my skin is getting darker, it will making your face dull but we'll see at that time.

In any case, I am satisfied with this product and for € 3.99 you should not ignore it .

Did you also bought or have the Etos Highlighter Powder ? Leave your opinion here bellow the blog post.

Regards Paula

woensdag 9 maart 2016

BEAUTY - Review Sleek Face Form - Contouring & Blush palette

In my makeup stash I've found a palette from Sleek Cosmetics. The Sleek Face Form & Contouring Blush palette. I love this palette with the beautyiful contour powder, blush and highlighter. Watch with me what I think about this palette .

irst, you need to know what 's "Contouring". Contouring is actually shaping up to your face when after applying foundation, concealer and face powder. Your face is bald but smooth. To give more shape go contouring. You can get it in cream form (cream on cream) or in powder form (powder on powder). In another blog post I will show you how to contours.

The Sleek Face Form palette is in a nice black box with a mirror. Sleek anyway has nice boxes is my opinion. There are three color powders with their own function: contour powder, blush and highlighter. On the packaging they wrote: Face Form is the ultimate multi- contour palette .
* A matt, easy to blend contour powder
* An illuminating highlighter

If I look at the colors on the upper from my hand, they are a little lighter than I've expected. If I put it on my face they are absolutely right. Unfortunately I do not have good lighting to show an example on my face so as you can see, I swatch it on the upper of my hand. The powder feels very soft and creamy. So blending is pretty good. Good product .

When you buying this palette you get it wrapped in beautiful box. I had to tell you this.

The Sleek Face Form has 3 beautiful colors with well pigmented powders. In addition, the powders are blending well, so you definitely don't look like a clown. I think that I really should not have the medium version, but the dark version. In the summer everybody gets a little bit darker than normally. So we'll see.

Do you also have this palette ? Or do you have another contour powder? Let me know by leaving a comment below this blog post.

Greetings Paula

dinsdag 8 maart 2016

Travel - Come to the IJ-hallen in Amsterdam North - the biggest Fleamarket from Europe

Spring is coming and I've got a cleaning and decluttering . I had three bins made ​​DISCARD , give away and SELL. I must say ... I only used 2 baking because my stuff is so good and there were some clothes on that I really did not give it away. So the box with SALE became fuller and fuller , and I ended up with my sister and my niece at the flea The IJ halls stood .

First, you can not arrive on the market to selling stuff for amounts above € 10 , = for one avoids this. Everything we've sold between € 1, = and € 7.50. Above this price we didn't.

We had a booth where we selling trousers, skirts, dresses, shoes, scarves, blouses and T-shirts.  In a number of buyers you had to take tough action because they tried anyway to gigantic barter .

About the market:

Open from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm. You have an outside market but also an internal market. A gigantic hall that is constantly booked. Be quick with booking otherwhiles its full.

If you're going to sell on the market, keep in mind that you bring sail for your booth (you will have shelter), take clips with you so you can attach the sail to stall.

Take enough food and water with you because sometimes you do not have time to get a drink or fries. Fortunately we were with 3 people and we were able to relieve each other.

If you come by car, keep an eye when you are by the entry because they will give you a red voucher which costs you € 5 , =. We didn't have got the voucher so we got into an argument with the parking attendant. We were even accused of "lying to get the € 5 , =!! Well say it yourself, I don't care about € 5 , =. Just keep it .

Any case, it was a nice day, a little bit cold (freezing), but it was cozy and the atmosphere with our neighbors was very good.

It is very difficult to get a stall. You should always have to book two markets before because otherwise you have to wait three months for having a booking. In any case, we will stand again with all sorts of stuff.

My closets are now also become a lot emptier.... but they will bee remain empty !! That's one thing that 's for sure.

Are you going to the IJ-hallen for selling products ? Let me know because maybe I am also overthere OR I 'll come and look and possibly buy something from you.

Greetings Paula