woensdag 18 mei 2016

Food - You have to make this rainbow cake!!

I'm totally in love with butter cake and while I was watching a YouTube video from a foodchannel my stomach was screaming for cake. So I ran into the kitchen to make it and during my searching for flour and eggs, I saw in the cabinet, all kinds of foodcolor and I had to use them sometimes. So join me by the making of this delicious rainbowcake.

Rainbow Colors

You will be bombarded with Rainbow cake, rainbow cupcake, rainbow bagels, etc. Because I'm crazy from cake I tried to make the dough, but I did not have the same 6 bakeware, so I figured out just to make a colored cake. It had to be a butter cake because it is nice, creamy and soft. So I made the buttercake from a foodchannel and put the dough in 6 bowls and then colored them with the foodcolor. And the result is dazzling but also back panel tasty. What were the colors of the rainbow again? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Well, I've didn't have exactly the same colors but used the colors I had at home. And while filling the pan I forgot the order of the colors ... nice smart.

What do you need?

Always make sure all ingredients are at room temperature .

250 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
250 grams of cake flour
5 eggs
1 vanilla pod (or 1 sachet of vanilla sugar)
a pinch of salt
6 color foodcolors


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Brush the cake tin lightly with butter and brush it with a tablespoon of cakeflour .

Put 250 grams of butter, 250 grams of sugar and a pinch of salt in the mixing bowl . Beat with the mixer in 10 minutes until the batter is almost white.

Beat the 5 eggs one by one through. Only add a further egg as the previous one is fully incorporated into the batter. Make sure the eggs are at room temperature , or curdle the batter.

Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the marrow with a knife.

Sift 250g cake flour over the batter and fold it along with the vanilla marrow gently into the batter.

And now comes the best part . Divide the batter evenly into 6 bowls.

Add into each bowl a drop of one color and then mix it very well.

Spoon the batter in order of color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), in the form and put the cake in the middle of the oven.

Set the oven to 170 degrees and bake in about 1 hour until golden brown. A cake baking takes it in the oven for longer than one in the other. Keep the cake so good eye during baking. Check for doneness by pricking a skewer into the center. There is no attachment to the skewer , then the cake is cooked. Let the cake rest for 2 hours before you get it out the pan.

It wasn't so hard, wasn't it? And it tastes delicious. Do you made this cake after reading this recipe? I would like to see the end result. Leave a comment below this blogpost .

Regards Paula

zaterdag 14 mei 2016

BEAUTY - Highlighter, highlighter and again highlighter

A very good sunny morning, so the sun appears here occasionally but it is a lot colder than yesterday, unfortunately. Yesterday afternoon I went outdoor and sitting smack in the sun and of course get a little bit browner. What's better than after that to use a nice and beautiful highlighter. It looks even more radiant than before.

What is a highlighter?

According to Wikipedia a highlighter is the following :
A highlighter is a make-up product, which is used to create a gloss on the cheeks or other parts of the face. It brings this often on the cheekbones, or other ' high share " in the face where you want to catch the light, like nose bridge, Cupid's bow, inner corner of the eye and brow bone .

Highlighters exist in powder and liquid form and contains light-reflecting particles or real glitter (vary the coarseness of the glitter) that ensure a shine to the face.
A highlighter (also called illuminator ) is used to provide additional emphasis to portions of the face. And in particular the ' high share " on your face. Because there are a highlighter light reflective fabrics resemble those places where you get even more it puts forward. It also gives a fresh look, for example, fitting into the corners so that the eyes appear more striking .

Different kinds of highlighters

Highlighters are made in different shapes and in different colors.
You have them in powder form, in cream form and in liquid form. The liquid one I've don't have it in my makeup upstash because I'm still searching for the right color for my skin that suits my skin type and skin tone.

When do you apply highlighter?

First your whole face have to be completely uniform in color. Apply the foundation, concealer and facepowder first and leave it for a few minutes to rest. Then you give shade to your face by applying a contouring powder or cream for the shadows in your face. The blush will give your face a healthy look and now it's time for the hightlighter . With a soft make-Up Brush you've give a accent to your cheekbones, browbone, top of your nose and the bone above your eyebrow .

Highlight for the dark skin

For a dark skin you really can't use all the colors highlights because your face is different too gray or get a white film on your face. For dark skin is a warm golden glow better. It does not stand out because it is too white or pink is but one entirely with your skin and appearance.
Bron photo: Black Opal

My highlighters


A lowbudget product from the H&M with a light pink color but it doesn't get grey or too pink on my face. At this moment the product is in the sale for € 3,=

Drugstore Etos Highlightning powder

A soft pink to salmon colored highlighter which is very light when you see the product. The product is very powdry so don't travel with it to much because it gives fallout and the powder will get into your bag. So when you check the Price versus quality you have to say that it's way to high price. the product is too powdery and you lose half. You can buy this product at the drugstore Etos for € 4.99

Max & More highlighter in the contourpalette

Earlier I've wrote about the Van Max & More contourpalette and in this palette there was a highlighter. I've couldn't find a seperate highlighter from Max & More so I've been using the product in the palette. The color of the highlighter is way to light for a dark skin so I always use it as a eyeshadow. But for the price of € 1,90 I'll couldn't give it away or throw it away.

Primark bronzer/blush metalic sunkissed

Really, this product only cost € 2.50 and it is a blush/bronzer. Actually not OK as a blush AND especially the bronzer which shines too much. A bronzer musn't shine and certainly not for the dark skin! So this product I've been using it as a highlighter . Ideal for dark skin. Well done Primark and I hopecertainly you quickly open your shop in Amsterdam.

Sleek highlighting palette

The best for last this wonderful palette Sleek. The product lubricates very well. The cream is creamy and the colors doesn't giving your skin a gray axis. Recommended. This product is among other things for sale at the drugstore DIO for approximately
€ 13.99

Highlight your life and you look radiant . This is also the intention of the higlighter . Do you also have one of these products? Share your experience by writing a comment below this blog post .

Regards Paula

vrijdag 13 mei 2016

Lifestyle - Sample Sale Goosecraft

Hello you all, if you're in the Netherlands and you're subscriped to the newsletter of Goosecraft, you have to go the sample sale in Amsterdam at Saturday 28th of May.

Who are theyGoosecraft?

Goosecraft is the brand for the leather jackets, bags, dresses, etc.! The brand Goosecraft was born in Amsterdam. They create create bespoke fashion leather products and accessories based on our heritage of jacket design, which they call ‘leather.forever’ creating a new modern identity combined with a no nonsense rock and roll attitude.

Their vision is to continuously developing new shapes, materials, patterns ‘like it was then, like it is now’ is how they bring a modern design approach with using traditional manufacturing techniques enabling the perfect leather jacket.
Bron photo: de Bijenkorf

Their Phylosofy

leather is the oldest and most natural material, met a Unique Feature: the longer you wear it, the better it gets.
leather is a product that comes from true craftsmanship, leather Required Many traditional treatments and finishes during manufacture before the product comes into being. leather recaptures the Owner Origin individuality and emphasizes the personal characteristics.
... Like a Second Skin ...
leather reflects your personal dreams and fantasies. Despite the endless Authentic Background, Will Our inspiration of the collections resulting from the goose. Literally, the whole Has A proud and confident character; figuratively, a goose refers to the ancient myths and fantasies. It Will be noted that each Goosecraft product is original and unique and that each tells its own personal story than your dreams and fantasies. Goosecraft Always looking for a natural balance between the Right Quality, fit and details. Data Are the hidden treasures Die Making Difference. Goosecraft Developed door Time to go, but Will Always Remain itself.
Bron photo: goosecraft.com

What is a sample sale?

A Sample Sale is a temporary sale of samples and produced too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from both old and new collections of a particular brand. They are announced in advance or accessible by invitation only.At a sample sale are items such as clothing, shoes, bags, etc. sold at discounts up to 80%. For example, the articles of the winter season may be sold in the spring, for example, 50% of the original selling price. But sometimes it may be that they sell items as promotional or as a trial so sellers can see which items are in demand. They can anticipate the sale to the shops.
Sample Sale is also called Stock Sale, called Outlet Sales or Stock Sale Outlet. Usually the sales are held by the brand's office itself or in a certain large venue.

SO: if you are interested in leather fashion items? Join Goosecraft and you will be kept informed of sample sales.

Regards Paula

donderdag 12 mei 2016

Want to know what to do in Amsterdam?

Good morning, today it's May 12, and it's still warm weather in Amsterdam so you have energy to do some lovely things like walking and shopping or all kinds of different things in Amsterdam. In this blog post a few suggestions for events held in Amsterdam. Maybe you can get inspired .


Tonight, a club night at the Bitterzoet called Smaakversterkers (Flavor Enhancers). Sounds like disco, house, lighting effects, art and music including DJs Tim Jules Max Abysmal , Lindsey Simmons and Joey MacHack .
Bron photo: website Bitterzoet

Springflow festival

Spring Flow Festival celebrates its 5th edition of the Springflow Festival. Springflow Festival celebrates this phenomenon in Amsterdam from April 21 untill May 21 at various locations on the IJpromenade . The start is in the Czaar Peter Street , recently voted the best shoppingstreet in the Netherlands! Five artists : Edith Brouwer, Erik Timmermans, Tom Thijsse , Herman Mulder & Carola Rombouts make each one Spring Lino and there 5 prints. Resulted in five locations in the city a mini - expo : at Pek & Clothes (North), SHOW ( West) , Gifted (South), Antoesa (East ) & Handmade Heaven (East). In all these locations also Spring Snow Showers ! Anyone can participate in Spring Snow : by trapping following the ELMS ROUTE self spring snow, or participate in one of our activities

The Elms Road during the festival
An integral part of the Spring Snow Festival is the eight -kilometer Elms route, the elm arboretum in North Amsterdam (near the EYE Film Museum ) to the Hortus Botanicus. In this route you will cross the eastern part of the center of Amsterdam , a wonderful way to explore the city in bloom.
Bron photo: Springflow Festival

Bodyworlds: The Happiness project

You must have seen the TV commercial or the billboards for Body Worlds. Skeletons or an animation (well how should I call it) people without skin and hair. In any case, I find it totally amazing Body World. An anatomy idea but I think immediately of pathology but that decompose more, right? BODY WORLDS in Amsterdam. The interactive exhibition tells the story of the body of man and the influence of the phenomenon of "luck" on our health. There are over 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies show the complexity , resilience and vulnerability of the body.
Bron photo: Bodyworlds

DWDD popup museum

If you love to go to a museum or you love the television program De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning) then you should definitely go to the DWDD Pop-Up Museum. In this museum nine visitors/patrons of the popular TV show did together an exhibition. They choose their favorite works from the depots of eleven Dutch top museums. The second edition of the DWDD Pop-Up Museum is to see from 29 January  until May 22, 2016 in the Allard Pierson Museum .

Verborgen kunstwerken/Hidden artwork

The guest curators, including Carice van Houten, Wim T. Schippers and Paul de Leeuw, go into any other museum in search of work from hidden masters. Each museum is decorated in a room in the Allard Pierson, to the ideas and tastes of the guest curators. Participating museums include the Mauritshuis , Kröller-Müller Museum, Teylers Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Museum and National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum).
Bron photo: de focus

Rollende keukens

Food should not be left on my blog page . Therefore, I highly recommend the event Rolling Kitchen at the Westergasfabriek from 12 May to 16 May. More than one hundred to mess tent, converted camper. double decker buses, vans and motorbikes serve pizzas, fresh soups, delicate fish dishes, smoothies and many more goodies . Enjoy the culinary delights in the sun or during a movie screening in the open air. In addition, there are today a number of musical performances on the agenda. Check the website of Rollende Keukens 
Bron photo: festivaloverzichtamsterdam.nl

I think now you have enough information to wander around 1 or 2 days in Amsterdam. Lots of pleasant and sunny days in Amsterdam.

Regards Paula

maandag 9 mei 2016

The most likes Instagram pictures

Since the start of this blogpage (October 1, 2015), I also started with Instagram. In the beginning I had a lot of trouble because I've didn't got the pictures nice and beautyiful, I got the pictures out of focus. But with time, I've learned a lot what to do with my photos and the last couple of months just had fun in it. Just come in my world of instagram with the most " liked " instagram pictures.

1. The black and white picture from a lantern in Torrevieja

This picture I've made during my holiday in Torrevieja. At the market there was a state with beautiful lanterns. This shot is very good so I fell in love with it .

2. Photo of the well in the village Ullath ( Saparua ) in the Moluccas

A picture which every Ullathnees might have. When you arrive in the village you first have to go this well. To wash your face with the water of the well. It's a tradition to do this. This is the source of the village.

3. A shoot from me after diving in Fethiye

There is no need for further explanation but my heartfelt thanks to Alan Turner from the European Diving Centre Fethiye ( EDC) for his action trying to teach me diving . You did it! And of course the best dive instructor ever I had at the European Diving Centre: Ahmet ...

4. Lava cake or chocolate cake with filling

How wonderful is this cake. I make it regularly and eat it on my own. I love it.

5. A plate with glasses and steak

Did you ever came in a situation that you are busy with talking and your glasses felt down on your plate just at the moment that the waiter put down the plate on the table? Well, I think it's happened to me at Loetje aan 't IJ. This situation gave immediately a reason to make this picture.

6. I like the silence in the desert

During my vacation in Tunisia this photo has been taken early in the morning. The silence is so wonderful for your head. You put your mind to "0" and can quietly watch over the desert without the noise of cars, bicycles, scooters, etc. etc. No .... pure silence

7. Amsterdam early in the morning

How lovely is it to walk early in the morning in Amsterdam and enjoy the silence and the tranquility that still dominates the city.

8. The submarine at the NDSM harbor

On Sunday morning standing at the ferry across the IJ to the NDSM harbor where you will be welcomed by the submarine. How beautiful it is

9. The desert in Tunisia

I think this is still a very beautiful picture and I couldn't resist to show it to you.

10. 4 meter diving under water and giving fishes bread

At first I was scared and I absolutely did not want into 
the deep water. Even though I had the best dive instructor but even he didn't got me deep into the water. We even got a fight underwater.....hihihi! Eventually accompanied by the owner of the dive center and we got this gorgeous photo underwater . Sorry Ahmet ...

These were the 10 most liked photos on the instragram account of Created By Paula.

Regards Paula

zondag 8 mei 2016

Today it's Mothersday ..... a lot of respect to my mother

Good morning today it's Mothersday and we are preparing to go towards our mother who lives in a nursing home. My mother of 85 years and has been living for some years time in a nursing home for old people. It was her own request and she love it there. Although she preferred a 3 bedroom appartment she's still quite satisfied with her two-room appartement. What is very emotional , is that she is one of the last 1st generation Moluccan in the Moluccan district in Almelo. So a blog post about her can out of respect and honor.

1. Music from her childhood

Once she told us that she always liked the song from Shirley Temple and sang it always when she was young. The title of the song is On the Goodship Lollipop. She sang it for us but was almost forgotten the half of the number of course but she still knows the tune. The song was released in 1934.

2. Sioh mamma

I'm a Moluccan descent and grew up with Moluccan and Indonesian songs (ballads, gospel, soul, funk, etc.). Especially for the first generation Moluccan Mother's who still live in the Netherlands. Upon request, I can give the translation.

2. Pangkuan Ibu

A child thinks back of the time she sits on the lap of her mother.

3. Naruwe - Cuma ale sandiri

Naruwe is a boyband from the Moluccas and to be exact in the village where my mother originally came from ... Ouw . A village that lies next to the village of my father's village Ullath. Cuma ale sandiri actually means ... Only you !

4. Indah rencanamu Tuhan

One of the favorite songs of my mother we ever sung for her as family during a church service for her on her 85th birthday .

5. Kalau kucari Damai

Also one of the favorite songs of my mother. A gospel about when you are looking for peace, there is only one person that you can searching for and visit.

6. Al Green - God is standing by

This number reminds me on the moments that we sung together with our mother on for example New Years Eve. She loved it.

7. Lisaboli kaka lisa

Lisaboli kaka lisa is the old name of the village where my mother originated came from, namely Ouw. They wrote a song about the village and is also considered the national anthem

8. God van Trouw

The last song is a Dutch gospelsong which we often have listen with our mother and sing along with her. She was cheerful and tapped only with her hands on the beat of the music. The meaning of this song is that even when you're in trouble there is always a God who is faithfulness.

Now we're going to enjoy a sunny Mother's Day and I hope you will too. Enjoy life as it only takes a moment .

Regards Paula