woensdag 8 juni 2016

BEAUTY - Lowbudget Pressed powder foundation from Max & More: review

Never expected that the Action also sells foundation for dark skin. I was searching for a new product in the shelves and found this foundation in the color DFC 266 Cappuccino. Read my review about this foundation.

The Pressed Powder Foundation

On the package they write that they have added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Very special because not often they selling make-up products with this kind of additions. It'll be good for your skin, I think. In addition, well indicated how long this product is tenable. 9 months in stead of the regular 12 months. You would think that something  is not good about this product. But we're experiencing. In the box you'll find a small mirror and a make-up sponge which is so weak that I throw it away. Better use my own Real Techniques make-up sponge .

The Color

Cappuccino. As I said before, I think this is very special because normally I find only foundation, concealer and face powder that is much too light for darker skin. We're going to test on the top of my arm. I notice and see that the color is too red for me. I have a yellow undertone and when I spread it on my cheek then I look like an Indian. So my whole face looks red. So rather no picture.


Or I'll keep this foundation and continue mixing with another foundation to the good color or I'll give it away. In any case, the foundation in terms of substance reasonably ok but not for me . You must have oily skin to use it . For dry skin, it is NOT DONE .

Have you bought the pressed powder foundation of Max & More? I 'd like to know your experience with this foundation. Leave a comment below this blog post .

Regards Paula

dinsdag 7 juni 2016

BEAUTY - lowbudget - The Nudelook Travelset from Max & More

Possible or maybe that you've already booked your vacation or just still waiting for the great deal and you 're already busy with your suitcase? What should I bring with me and which makeup products shall I bring with me? I usually take only foundation, concealer and facepowder because I know that there or not or less products which match with my skintone. A lipstick, blush and eye shadow I omit during the holidays because I know that even in a foreign country they selling the products from Catrice and Essence. So that's not the problem. A travel package with makeup would be the best solution Yeah ... which I found ofcourse .... by the Action.

Action is a great shop but that they selling more new make- up products I find surprising. Whether they are of good quality ... that's another matter. We're going to suffer through this review about Max & More Nude Look travelkit . I know this is the first review over this product because no one else has been reviewed this before. Read with me what I think about the Nude Look travelkit .

The Nudelook travelset

The Nude Look Travelset Max & More is a kind of palette with various products such as concealer, three brown shades of eye shado , 3 red -colored lipsticks in pans and one blush and then there are two small make- upbrushes (which I never use anyway). A plastic sheet is included that shows which product you should use for which part of your face. Conceal, Eyes, Lips and Cheeks. Not bad for a super low-budget product . Unfortunately they have not defined on the back how long you can use the product. I  always count 12 months.

Let's test the products

The concealer

Yeah, let's do it. We starting with the concealer. I can tell you that the concealer is too light for my skintone but maybe if you have a lighter skintone, you can use it. The product is very creamy and doesn't comes like a thick substance on your fingerA small film on your finger means to me "Doesn't cover ". I spread it on top of my hand and it immediately disappears into my skin. If it has to be a concealer then I think you can use it better as a BB or CC -cream. Not exactly the concealer that you want to take on holiday.


3 beautiful colors. 1 very soft pink, one nude color ( for light skintone) and one soft red. Very nice. Lubricates very good but the top of the product is very hard so you should use it really with a good lippencel.


There's only one color blush in the Travelset and it is very pink. I do not understand this so well......just one color! The product is thereby very thick, powdery and with a brush you need just a little bit of gain.


I warn you in advance that the colors of the eyeshadows are very nice (one matte and 2 shimmer colors) but the powder release when you put a little bit product on your brush. The picture became unclear because the lens I have used not adjusted well, but in terms of colors you can see how they relate to your skin .

My conclusion

Well, for the lowbudgetprice of € 1,=  and you set no demands on the products you can buy it but I personally wouldn't do it. I like the colors of the eyeshadows incredibly beautiful but the remaining products are not worth the trouble.

I hope you enjoyed this review . But if you are still curious .... be my guest .

Greetings Paula

maandag 6 juni 2016

BEAUTY - My eyebrow routine

I 'm not really good with Beauty stuff but I try everything. Last week I updated my eyebrows with a special razor but in one way or another, I slipped and I miss a lot of the top of my right eyebrow . So that means I have to practice to draw my eyebrows and draw in. Look with me but I warn you in advance that I am not a professional ... lol ...!


I've been watching lots of videos on YouTube because I wanted to know how these ladies signed such beautiful drawn eyebrows. I know of course that we never got to use a "too dark" eyebrow color. And if it is red then you'll seem like a ghost ....but that's my opinion. So after I had cleaned my face I 'm going well sharpen the eyebrow pencil because I wanted to have a good sharp pencil. This way you can draw better fine stripes 

Drawing Eyebrow Lines

Now I have to brush my eyebrowhair very well with a spoolie. I had no time to pluck the hairs because I 'm still reeling from my shaved eyebrow pencil. I draw out the bottom of the eyebrow from the start point to the end point of the eyebrow. I do not immediately sign a long line but strokes with my pencil.

Then I draw the top but not from the starting point somewhere in the middle

When the two lines are drawn then it's time to fill it in. You can do this with powder or with an eyebrowpencil . This time I used the eyebrowpencil .

So I've colored it in and brushed the hairs well with a spoolie. I note that I have a lot of little stubborn hairs that do not cooperate ...

I leave the eyebrows untill they are dry, and then I 'm going to camouflage the imperfections round the brows with a concealer. Normally they use a concealer that is a shade lighter, but I don't. I keep it in the natural way. My eyebrow didn't cooperate making it seem like I use a lot of concealer .

The final result is for my to light and perhaps too brown. I can not use the black color because it does not look very well.

I'll keep practicing.

Greetings Paula

vrijdag 3 juni 2016

Beauty - the newest lowbudget mozaïek blush

Go to the dollarstore Action is fun, but it is even when they got new makeup products which come under € 2 , = cost. How low budget you can go ! Not all the products are equally good but so far these are only a few products. I do not use them every day but occasionally use a product from Max & More or Fashion Professionals can not hurt. You just always have to make sure you have a good skincare. In addition, the prices are not so huge that you can not afford this if you have less money. I know everything about it.

Packaging and ingredients

As always wrapped up in a pretty little square black box. You open the box and you will see a round make-up box with the beautiful fuchsia/pink colors. The product is printed in 3D because the hearts exhibit a relief so you will find it really a sin to use the product. The quality of the packaging is made of cheap plastic , so I was extra cautious in case the product is crumbling . I have experienced this once before with the blush and bronzer from the drugstore Etos, but the products from Etos were 5 times expensive!!

The Colours

A combination of Fuchsia, pink and pink baby. So beautiful to look at it, but we bought it to use it.... right? The product is very powdery but any beauty lover know you a little of the product to do your blush brush .

The color on a dark skin

The color is super soft on a dark skin. And I thought it will be sallow but that is not true ! It has a sweet soft and gentle look I must say. I tested it on my upper hand, finger and cheek with and without a foundation. On the picture you will see that the color on my cheek is not so clear but it is really super soft and very subtle. I am satisfied with this product. See below the result.

Do you know the lowbudgetstore Action Nederand and did you also bought this blush? I want to know what your experience is with this product. I love this blush 



donderdag 2 juni 2016

The favourit blogposts from May

It's been a long while when I was sitting behind my laptop and writing a article on my blogpage. I've worked for two months for a project so I didn't had any time and I was very tired to do something. But, I did my job and I wrote some articles in the month May. Thanks for the readers and the followers whom made this possible.

You have to make this rainbowcake

I'm totally font of cakes and buns. So one day I made the rainbowcake but I forgot which colors inside it. So I made my own creation.

Finally found Black Opal in the drugstore

I love Black Opal and I love that it is now in the drugstore.

Mothersday....all about my mother

I love her, I'm proud of her, because she is a strong woman who survived the war in Indonesia and took care of her 10 childeren. She is very very a clever woman. Love you mum.

Lifestyle - Capsule Wardrobe - Cleared my bags

So if you already know, I try to clean my house and my wardrobe and try to follow the rules of the Capsule Wardrobe. It is difficult and I don't think I can do it in a month but I've just reduce my stuff.

Lifestyle - Sample Sale Goosecraft

Do I say more? Goosecraft with their beautiful leather jackets and dresses?

Thanks to all the readers and the followers. Keep follow me and support me through to subscribe on my blogpage.