woensdag 27 juli 2016

BEAUTY | Nice low-budget make-up products from W7

Yeahhh, again there are great products from W7 Cosmetics. Recently I've discovered the beautiful lowbudgetproducts for much less money. Just read further.

Where to buy?

In the Netherlands there are several webshops and drugstores who selling the products of W7 Cosmetics but the products I saw was in the famous Op=Op Voordeelshop (drugstore but less products than the famous Kruidvat and Etos). Not every city has this store but here in Amsterdam we certainly have 2. It's cheap if you buy a number of products on offer.

W7 Cosmetics

Is an English low-budget brand. Quite by accident I've checked if they have a Dutch website and happily.....yes there is... www.w7cosmetica.nl! Now, I do not know if it is an official website but they agree in terms of prices. Unfortunately, the advertisement of the Voordeelshop is not really good because on the webshop the eyeshadowpalette is € 0,03 cheaper!! Well, it's only 3 cents ... but still.

Which W7 products do Op = Op Voordeelshop have more?

With this photographs I'll show you some of the products and as you can see the prices are below. Some testers were so filthy so I did not even bother to swatch . It looked really dirty. This is not the entire range that you see as most products we have seen and I did not even put a time on the blog.
Smokin and Beat In: very beautyiful palettes

The famous Up In Smoke and Lightly Toasted

W7 Angel Eyes very beautiful colours

The Bronze Queen: the colors are too light for dark skin

These 9 Naughty Shades of Eye Colour could be a dupe from MAC Cosmetics

Celebrity Secrets: 4 colors which have to apply by number. I don't like the colors

Baked Eye Shadows in nice and beautifull shimering colors

Shape Your Face Contourkit....not the right color for a dark skin

Face Shaping COntour Stix...good for a dark skin
Do you also bought one of these products at the shop from Op = Op Voordeelshop? What do you think of the store? And what do you think of the products of W7 ? Leave a comment below this blogpost .



donderdag 21 juli 2016

TRAVEL - In how many countries did you have your vacation? Read mines

This time no regular blogpost but a photo impression from al the holidays from the last few years. I've been in different countries and want to see more from the world because there are lotst of places I want to see. I'm a sun lover and wouldn't book a holiday for the snow or a cold countrie.

What, Why and Where to go on vacation?

Vacation or holiday means: a break for your body and soul. A relaxing time and enjoy the free time you have. Everybody enjoys his or hers freetime on a different way. Holiday to me means doing nothing, lazy days, destress, enjoy beautiful food, doing enjoyfull things, sight seeing in the countrie I stay, taking pictures with my Canon, etc. etc. So everything where you don't have time to do in your regular life OR just doing nothing lying in the near of a swimmingpool listening to good music. If you don't take a break for your body and soul, you will get a burnoutt or worst....in a depression. So people, enjoy your life because life is too short to think about lots of problems. Don't say "It is not possible" because everything is possible but the person in you is sabotage yourself. Go walking in the nature or woods OR go on the bycicle and enjoy the nature...doesn't cost you any money.

I've been to different countries, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunesië, South-Korea, Maleisië, Singapore, Indonesië and Brasil. If you followers read my blogpost about my bucketlist, than you can see in which countries I want to go or visit BUT with no work and less money it's not so easy to go. But it doesn't matter. I will watch for the traveldeals and will safe money to end to my goal.



In 2006 I've went to Brasil, a very beautyiful countrie whom remember me to the Moluccan because the infrastructure and the food it almost the same. The beautiful palmtrees, the white beaches, sweet potatos, casave en cooked bananas (slavefood) are the items which are almost the same like in Indonesia. I discovered that lots of dishes are prepared with beans. I don't like beans and my trouble in Brasil was that they prepared different kind and different colors of beans. But lucky me...they've got mojito and caipirinha.  


In 1997 I've been in Tunis in Tunisia. But I don't like the people in that city. In 2007 I went again to Tunisia but this time on the island Djerba. This time the people where nicer and friendly. Doesn't matter that we stayed in a resort because we came there to rest and lying near the swimmingpool and doing nothing. We've booked excursions for the cameltrip  and a visit to a village where they made the movie Startrack or Starwars, we've made a desertrip and slept in a tent for nomads. It wa fun and the atsmosfer was very good. 


I love Spain. I've been to a lots of places: Barcelona, Taragona, Blanes, Salou, Lloret de Mar, Sitges, Ibiza (Sant Antonio), Mallorca (El Arenal), Alicante, Cartagena and Elche. I love the tapas and the sangria and love to visit the markets. Just having diner with the locals and talking to them even when I don't speak the language but  I know if I stay longer I will speak the language very good.


An immensely beautiful town with its ancient buildings and narrow alleys . Many shops in the center and in comparison with the Netherlands quite cheap. The port and the harbour where a feast for the eyes . Super nice and super quiet it was when we were there in September . Walked a lotany and seen a lot.




It's my home countrie and so I've been there for 6 times. I had to safe lots of money because it's a half familyvisit and half holiday. Indonesia is very cheap to life but the plaintickets where very expensive. Nowerdays the tickets are very cheap to buy. I've been in Jakarta , Bandung , Yogyakarta, Surabaya , Malang, The Moluccas (Ambon , Saparua , Ceram ) , and Bali ( Denpasar , Kuta, Jimbareng , Nusa Dua , Kuta, Ubud , etc.). But the most beautiful beaches I saw in the Moluccas . Back to basic and very pure.


I was born in the near of the border with Germany. So often we went to Germany to do some shopping. I've been to a few places: Nordhorn, Essen, Berlijn, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Trier, Winterberg, etc. The below picture was made during a trip to Dusseldorf. Just read my blogpost about the citytrip to Dusseldorf.


In the past I've travelled a lot with my brother and my sisters. We went 2 times a year to Paris to do some shopping and enjoy the Paris life. The other places I've been where: Orleans,Lyon, Dyon, de area from Chateneuff, the area from Champagne, etc. A very big country and nice food but the people can't speak any other language...at least they won't I think. But lucky me....I've learned a bit france at school and could speak and understand a little bit. but that was in the past...


De afgelopen 7 jaar alleen maar naar Turkije geweest en voornamelijk naar Fethiye. In 1993 ben ik ooit in Istanbul, Antalya, Side en Manavgat geweest en vervolgens niet meer gegaan. De afgelopen jaren heb ik alleen maar een aantal plaatsen bezocht zoals Izmir, Denizli, Gaziantep, SanliUrfa, Nizip, Kas en het afgelopen jaar nog naar Marmaris geweest. Turkije is een groot land dus Kusadasi, Cesme, Kemer, Bodrum, etc. heb ik nog nooit gezien. Of dit nog gaat komen weet ik niet want ik wil ook graag andere landen bezoeken.


In de omgeving van Fethiye ben ik naar Uzumlu, Tlos, Saklikent, Yakapark, Oludeniz, Calis Beach geweest. Heel bosrijke omgeving en genoeg bergen...


The big modern city not far from the Syrian border in southeast Turkey. Not many tourists come there which I actually felt a little uncomfortable because they apparently do not often seen dark brown people moving around there . In any case, it is super cheap and the food is fantastic.


Kas is a little village with a beautiful harbour and city centre. The little shops in the old turkish houses are so cute. On the harbour you can take a ferry to the little island Reis or to other beaches. Just read my blogpost about Kas.


Read my blogpost about this amazing village. Many muslim people go overthere to visit the holy fishes and the beautyiful park.


In the near of Gaziantep I went to Nizip. A little village with just 1 long mainstreet and for the rest nothing. A small cute village with lots of Baklava shops and traditional backerys where people can bring their dough to bake the lahmacun (Turkish pizza). So cute.


This year in June I've bought a very lowbudget trip to Marmaris. It was a amazing holiday with meeting beautiful and nice people and enjoying the rest on the beach, good foods and lots of drinks!!

Did yo ualso went to one of these countries or citys? Just write a comment below this blogpost. 

Greetings, Paula

zaterdag 16 juli 2016

TRAVEL - You have to eat in this restaurant The Oriënt Express

The Orient Express? Isn't that a train? Yes it is but this Oriënt Express is a restaurant at in Almelo in the near of the border with Germany. Amidst the great shops on Woonboulevard in Almelo you find in front of the McDonald a great restaurant that is always busy during the weekends. And the famous soccersclub (football) Heracles with his big Stadium around you is always full house before and after football matches. Why is it always busy there? I was curious and wanted to know it.

The Orient Express wikipedia

The Orient Express was a famous luxury train of the Belgian Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) who drove from Paris (with connection from London) to Istanbul. The train ran as scheduled, with interruptions and via different routes under different names between 1883 and 1977. Until December 13, 2009, the train still drove like a regular international train between Strasbourg and Vienna. Also organized special nostalgic rides under the name of Orient-Express. Nowadays a stopover in Munich or Frankfurt required for a train journey between Paris and Vienna.

Restaurant The Orient Express

Since 2010, The Orient Express serves the best regional specialties. Visit the restaurant in Almelo and experience the delectable journey from Paris to Istanbul. We stop at impressive towns and picturesque villages with delicious dishes.
So you can enjoy the stopover in Paris realm of sandwiches and delicious salads. And in Milan, you can try our freshly made pizzas. All ingredients are fresh daily. After a short trip, you may get to the place where the first coffee house in the world opened its doors: Venice. Let yourself be carried away by the aromatic blend of lightly roasted arabica and robusta beans and enjoy your cup of coffee. Our trip ends again in Istanbul. This city literally builds a gourmet bridge between Europe and Asia. That taste back in one of the many tasty meat dishes from The Oriënt Express.

My experience in this restaurant?

 In one word...DELICIOUS. I've got to be impressed by the flavors and scents from the food, so first I've ordered only appetizers. Our food was prepared by Jordi who has made quite a party from the dishes. Chapeau Jordi ... you let us feast.

The Starters

Potatoes de la tapas (Topped with garlic and spicy sauce)

Baked mushrooms

Bruschetta (with tomatoes, onions, aioli and grated cheese)

Delicious toasted bread with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs

The menu

Consists of six categories: small dishes, appetizers, salads, entrees, pizzas and lunch. For me it's too much on dishes. You could separate the lunch menu of the dinner menu. I would rearrange the menu for example seperate the lunch until 16:00 from the diner dishes with the starters, main courses and desserts for the evening event. Anyway, that's my opinion. There are too many choices. I would be pleased to have 6 choices per session. No more and no less. If you start to look at the menu card, then you can get a headache. Too many choices. On the other hand the food is very tasty and delicious but whit to much dishes the staff has to hurry up if the restaurant is totally full.


Very friendly and very polite. Anything is possible and if not they will tell it you very kindly. We did not have to wait long for our food or drinks. The waitress was always asked if the food tasted well and if we missed something by our dishes. It's just what a client wanted in a restaurant...the attention. This experience is not always in all restaurants and especially in Amsterdam it's terrible. That's why I'm not always eat in a restaurant in town. At The Orient Express I experience the elegance and kindness of the personell. That's the way it should be. I couldn't ask everybody to make a picture because the restaurant started to get full for diner.


Disabled access, an outdoor terrace with opportunities for children to enjoy themselves here (wooden houses involved), a large terrace with lounge type couches and comfortable seating. Beautiful decorations for decoration.


Good food for lowbudget prices. Staff are friendly and welcoming. Not too stirs to do things for you or to arrange. Anyway we went home with a doggy bag. The Oriënt Express is a restaurant where I will come back again and even though the kunefe they make it very well ... obviously the best is in Gaziantep (Turkey)... but the Orient Express could get closer. They also deliver, do catering, have children's menus and business lunches. One thing I don't like is the several dishes on the menu which takes a long time before you can make a choice. I would keep it on a number of dishes (not 20 untill 30 dishes on the menu for the main course)

Are you familiar with this restaurant, The Oriënt Express? What is your opinion about this restaurant? Reply by posting a comment under this blog post.


woensdag 13 juli 2016

BEAUTY - The best low budget hair mousse ever !!

If I use the right products in my hair I'll get real curls. Now I finally found a low budget hair styling product that is perfect. My hair curls again totally awesome.

In the past and now

When I had a job and working I've always used the whipped creme mousse from Sebastian which I discovered at Salon B at the Willemsparkweg in Amsterdam. The hairstylist who always did my hair does what to do with my hair and it was always good. He gave me always the right products for my hair. Nowadays, I can not buy such a expensive mousse and have to buy the lowbudget products and I had to look for another alternative.

The hairmousse from CIEN

When I went on holiday to Torrevieja (Spain), we went shopping at Lidl and we bought the Power Styling Mousse Cien, with the rationale that if I liked the mousse, I could still buy it in the Netherlands. I must say I was surprised me because the substance was almost the same as the mousse from Sebastian. I had used so many types of foam and no one was able to match the Sebastian Mousse which until I bought from Lidl. Totally awesome and my hair was perfect.

The Foam Mousse

Feels like whipped cream and is more compact than the normal mousse I've always used by other brands. This does not Garnier, L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, or whatever, but just the Lidl.

Do you also use the strong hair mousse from Cien? Do you like it? Leave a comment below this blogpost.