dinsdag 20 december 2016

BEAUTY | A golden glow on your cheecks with this lowbudget product

Once I wrote a review about the mosaic blush of the housebrand from the Action. I've wrote a review about the pink blush. What I'd forgotten is that they also had a brown color of the same brand. The Mosaic Blush number 02. I'll test it for you and give my findings of this product.

Fashion Professionel 

Fashion Professionel is a brand which I have only seen in the Action Nederland. The products were produced on behalf of Max Brands Marketing, a Dutch company in Bleiswijk. I think that the products comes from China because almost all the products of the Action are "made in China"! I could be wrong though but just look to all the products that you buy at the Action. Nevertheless is half my house full of Action products. It is cheap and they have nice beautiful things.

At first I'd only concerned with the makeup products of Max & More but nowadays the shelves begin to fill up with the products of Fashion Professionel. Normally I would not buy this kind of stuff in other stores, but I notice that the makeup products provide intense colors. Unfortunately they have no foundation and concealer for dark skin but in terms of primer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and so is the choice available in the Action: be quick because the next day the shelfs will be empty.

Mosaic blush No. 02

The design is so funny. You can see an embossed golden hearts in the pink powder. So beautiful and artfully. Actually sin to use it. The product is packed in a sturdy plastic box with lid. I think this box will not easily break. Actually, I'm curious about the swatch because the first few times it will of course give a golden brown color on your cheeks, but will it move in pink? We will find it out over a while.

The swatch

Because my lens got a error or something I can't make a self-portrait because it is always unclear. So that's why I'd made a swatch on my upper hand which is really too dark to take a picture but I have too. You can immediately see how the blush manifests on your skin.

On the packaging they wrote BEIGE ... but look carefully at the pictures below! It's just gold and not even brown or beige, but really a golden color. Would you still use it as blush?

This product isn't dusty. You've only need a little bit of the blush because it's gives a very deep and intense color. I do believe that you are really need a makeup spray to to fix it because over a time you'll see it fade. So always carry it in your handbag.


Tinted ladies ..... buy it! Do not use it as blush but use it as a highlighter! You will not regret because even I use it now as a highlighter. It's worth for the price € 1.49. Sooo cheap and good for our dark skin. Let's Christmas coming because we are ready for the partylook!!

Have you also bought this mosaic blush from the Action? Write below this blog post your comment. I wonder if you have the same experience as me.



vrijdag 16 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget highlighter from Max & More

Yeah, I'm an avid visitor of the Action! And what I've found now is soooo beautiful. A highlight of Max & More. And of course I wanted to try this because everything what lowbudget is, I want tot try and share my findings with you so you can buy a highlighter if you don't have enough money to spend.

Highlighter Illuminator Visage

As the name says: the illuminator light up your face. A metamorphosis you could call it. What a shine and what a beautiful colors on the cheek. This highlighter is quite nice for dark skin because it emits a bronze glow.

Package, Information and content

The highlighter is in a square black box as we accustomed from Max & More . The box looks like stable but unfortunately it's cheap plastic so it can break very quickly. So beware if you put it in your makeup bag. I usually put a rubber band around it in case it's going to break. On the top, on the right side of the box 01 NUDE. Well it's certainly not nude on my skin color. More gold/bronze glow. According to the description you need to remove the product with a makeup remover based on oil. perhaps this means that it delivers a fairly intense color which you have to remove it with the with oil-based remover? All information regarding the product is good and clearly defined.

The highlighter

When you open the box you will see four colors of bronze from dark to white. With this kind of products I've always sit and think how to summon it with a brush, because if you want to use one color it is not possible! Should you whipe with your brush from light to dark or dark to light? I just try from light to dark. Although .... I when I get my finger on the blush I saw a very nice color on it. I must say that a lot of powder was coming from it but it wasn't dusty.



For the price € 0.99 I would not let it lie. I say buy. The intensity of the color is great and you only need a little bit to get the shine on your cheekbones. Blending is easy and gives a healthy glow on your dark skin. I do not know how the product's will looks on a light skin but I would say just try it.

Have you bought this highlighter from Max & More? I want to know what your experience is with this product. Leave your comment below this blogpost.



woensdag 14 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget blush from Alterra Naturkosmetik

If you're in Germany then you should absolutely go to the drugstore Rossmann. This store is like the dutch drugstoreKruidvat, Etos, Trekpleister, etc. but the range is choise and range is bigger. Also at beauty area there is more choice. I've been looking forward to my eyes because there were marks on that I did not.

Alterra Naturkosmetik - Golden Wish Blush

I saw it, took it, and was very happy. What a lovely blush in terms of packaging, look and the way it glows on your cheeks. The product is similar to the mosaic blush of Action but this blush gives so much color and shine so you can use it as a highlighter. The Alterra Naturkosmetik is based on natural ingredients. The blush contains Argan oil nourishes the skin even further. According to the description this blush defines the contours of the face and gives a fresh look. Gives a natural finish.


If you look at the product you will see that the product consists of three colors. A light, a medium and a dark pink. Take a swipe with your finger and you will discover that it's gives a soft pink color with a subtle sheen since the three colors mix. Very nice I must say.

The quantity and price

The box contains 9 grams of product but I foresee that you can do very long time with it because it is a compact powder and you only need a little. The blush is not too powdery and this just an asset in use. The shelf life is 12 months. I myself think that this is feasible.
And we have not even mentioned the price because I have paid € 2.50. The whole landscape of Alterra Naturkosmetik is affordable and the products are based on natural ingredients

However, it is clear that you can use this blush on a light and on a dark skin. Super nice product and the price is pretty low-budget.

Do you also bought this blush at Rossmann? Please leave a message below this blog post.



maandag 12 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget Shape & Contourpalette from Max Brand

The store Action is getting better and better, especially if you love makeup and beauty. What do you think of this low-budget Shape and Blush palette? You can make the Christmas look complete with this palette. Very lowbudget. Just read my review.

Package and information

The palette is packaged in a cardboard box that feels firm. The palette itself is plastic which is very fragile, so be careful with the palette. The colors are named on the back of the carton and indicates which color has which function.

Using the Palette on a dark skin

I would say use the Pressed Powder as contour or shape colors because the light colors are not usefull for us. The darkest color can be used as contour color. The four blush colors are great. They are very powdery and you should not do too much on your brush because an oasis of powder comes off. So be careful with the powder. The four colors of blush are: pink, peach, pink and coral. The four colors of face powder are: warm ivory, banana yellow, sandy beige and chocolate brown.

Warm Ivory would use to shaping / highlight, color Banana Yellow to fix the concealer on your face, Chocolate Brown is an contour color for the dark skin.

The colors on the dark skin


The blush I apply on my arm with a brush. Watch the powder properly. So sparingly use powder: Pink, Peach, Rose and Coral

Compressed Powder

So for the lighter skin is the facepowder good but for a darker skin it's too light. So don't use it as facepowder. Use the powder for shaping and contours.

If you look at the price you will be laughing. It's very cheap soo very lowbudget. I don't have the bill anymore but it will cost around the € 1,50.


I would buy this palette and especially with the holidays (Christmas and New Years Eve) where you want to look festive but do not have much money to spend.

I hope this review is enough to have encouraged you to buy this product. Have fun with it. It can even be given as a Christmas gift. Nice is not it?



woensdag 7 december 2016

BEAUTY | Artis dupe make-up brush

What are they beautiful the makeup brushes from Artis but what are they dying expensive! I saw this makeup brush for the first time in the video from YouTuber Jackie O. In the meanwhile various brands and online shops also produced a copy released under various other names.

The Form

Also called spoonshape is actually not particularly special but when you use it as a make-Up Brush it will feels special. The bristles of this brush are so super soft. Apply the product on the brush and make circular movements and it will blend very well and the result is amazing. Today, I use this brush to apply my foundation because you 'll see no marks or stains.

Brand & Price

This brush I bought in a small Chinese shop in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam. You could buy a whole set but I first started with one brush to review it.
The brand I bought named Trubeauty and I've paid € 3, =. Lowbudget isn't it?

I used this brush and am satisfied with it. There is a whole range of product for different functions but I've had no time to buy more.

The original Artis brush costs around $ 55.

I hope you enjoy this blogpost



donderdag 1 december 2016

PERSONAL | Long time no see

A long time you haven't heard from me because I had absolutely no inspiration anymore. I have many plans in my head but it just did not come out. Do not worry because I have already made a "to do list" and made pictures of subjects I wanted to talk or to write about. I hope that the inspiration will come in the coming months to excite you with my stories and articles.

What's on my mind

A lot actually but I need to run it. Recent months have seen a lot and got a lot to write over about Travel, Beauty, Food, etc. Took some pictures and edited in picassa.


I've been to the Christmas market in Munster, Germany, and immediately noticed that the German culture is different than in the Netherlands. There is more attention and the Germans have more choices in eating and drinking, but above all trinkets that here I have never seen in the Netherlands. Last year I went to the Christmas market in Dusseldorf but Munster were several squares feature Christmas markets. This article will comes as soon as possible.

The National Museum (Rijksmuseum) is worth for a visit. Next week I will spend a whole day in this Museum and hopefully they allow my to take pictures.


I have some new beauty products that are worth to write about it! The shape, contour and blush palette of Action Nederland that I find very beautiful, skin finish facepowder from MAC Cosmetics, the dupe from the Artis Makeup brush, blush and bronzer from a german brand Alterra based on natural ingredients, etc. etc.


After a nightout we've always hungry and a shoarma is always a good meal to have in the middle of the night. I've changed to buy shoarma outside the door and make it by myself. I've got lamb meat in my freezer and can make my own shoarma. One of these days I will write the recipe. Just wonderful and tasty this dish.


I believe that you always must take good care of yourselve and that personal care is very important. With stuff and household stuff I will show you how to make skincare or beautystuff using the products you already have in your home. What to do if you have the flu and a bad cold. Steam bath? Yes, but the way my mother always learned me.

On Thursday, November 17th this year. I've become 50 years old and I can actually still don't believe it, but I believe it's just a figure but the feeling tells me something else. I do not feel 50 year, I do not always looks like a 50 year old lady and I'm not 50! That's one thing that's for sure
Paula 10 years ago

I hope you continue to follow me for I am not yet stopped blogging .... only I needed inspiration and it'scoming little by little.