woensdag 7 december 2016

BEAUTY | Artis dupe make-up brush

What are they beautiful the makeup brushes from Artis but what are they dying expensive! I saw this makeup brush for the first time in the video from YouTuber Jackie O. In the meanwhile various brands and online shops also produced a copy released under various other names.

The Form

Also called spoonshape is actually not particularly special but when you use it as a make-Up Brush it will feels special. The bristles of this brush are so super soft. Apply the product on the brush and make circular movements and it will blend very well and the result is amazing. Today, I use this brush to apply my foundation because you 'll see no marks or stains.

Brand & Price

This brush I bought in a small Chinese shop in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam. You could buy a whole set but I first started with one brush to review it.
The brand I bought named Trubeauty and I've paid € 3, =. Lowbudget isn't it?

I used this brush and am satisfied with it. There is a whole range of product for different functions but I've had no time to buy more.

The original Artis brush costs around $ 55.

I hope you enjoy this blogpost