dinsdag 20 december 2016

BEAUTY | A golden glow on your cheecks with this lowbudget product

Once I wrote a review about the mosaic blush of the housebrand from the Action. I've wrote a review about the pink blush. What I'd forgotten is that they also had a brown color of the same brand. The Mosaic Blush number 02. I'll test it for you and give my findings of this product.

Fashion Professionel 

Fashion Professionel is a brand which I have only seen in the Action Nederland. The products were produced on behalf of Max Brands Marketing, a Dutch company in Bleiswijk. I think that the products comes from China because almost all the products of the Action are "made in China"! I could be wrong though but just look to all the products that you buy at the Action. Nevertheless is half my house full of Action products. It is cheap and they have nice beautiful things.

At first I'd only concerned with the makeup products of Max & More but nowadays the shelves begin to fill up with the products of Fashion Professionel. Normally I would not buy this kind of stuff in other stores, but I notice that the makeup products provide intense colors. Unfortunately they have no foundation and concealer for dark skin but in terms of primer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and so is the choice available in the Action: be quick because the next day the shelfs will be empty.

Mosaic blush No. 02

The design is so funny. You can see an embossed golden hearts in the pink powder. So beautiful and artfully. Actually sin to use it. The product is packed in a sturdy plastic box with lid. I think this box will not easily break. Actually, I'm curious about the swatch because the first few times it will of course give a golden brown color on your cheeks, but will it move in pink? We will find it out over a while.

The swatch

Because my lens got a error or something I can't make a self-portrait because it is always unclear. So that's why I'd made a swatch on my upper hand which is really too dark to take a picture but I have too. You can immediately see how the blush manifests on your skin.

On the packaging they wrote BEIGE ... but look carefully at the pictures below! It's just gold and not even brown or beige, but really a golden color. Would you still use it as blush?

This product isn't dusty. You've only need a little bit of the blush because it's gives a very deep and intense color. I do believe that you are really need a makeup spray to to fix it because over a time you'll see it fade. So always carry it in your handbag.


Tinted ladies ..... buy it! Do not use it as blush but use it as a highlighter! You will not regret because even I use it now as a highlighter. It's worth for the price € 1.49. Sooo cheap and good for our dark skin. Let's Christmas coming because we are ready for the partylook!!

Have you also bought this mosaic blush from the Action? Write below this blog post your comment. I wonder if you have the same experience as me.