woensdag 14 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget blush from Alterra Naturkosmetik

If you're in Germany then you should absolutely go to the drugstore Rossmann. This store is like the dutch drugstoreKruidvat, Etos, Trekpleister, etc. but the range is choise and range is bigger. Also at beauty area there is more choice. I've been looking forward to my eyes because there were marks on that I did not.

Alterra Naturkosmetik - Golden Wish Blush

I saw it, took it, and was very happy. What a lovely blush in terms of packaging, look and the way it glows on your cheeks. The product is similar to the mosaic blush of Action but this blush gives so much color and shine so you can use it as a highlighter. The Alterra Naturkosmetik is based on natural ingredients. The blush contains Argan oil nourishes the skin even further. According to the description this blush defines the contours of the face and gives a fresh look. Gives a natural finish.


If you look at the product you will see that the product consists of three colors. A light, a medium and a dark pink. Take a swipe with your finger and you will discover that it's gives a soft pink color with a subtle sheen since the three colors mix. Very nice I must say.

The quantity and price

The box contains 9 grams of product but I foresee that you can do very long time with it because it is a compact powder and you only need a little. The blush is not too powdery and this just an asset in use. The shelf life is 12 months. I myself think that this is feasible.
And we have not even mentioned the price because I have paid € 2.50. The whole landscape of Alterra Naturkosmetik is affordable and the products are based on natural ingredients

However, it is clear that you can use this blush on a light and on a dark skin. Super nice product and the price is pretty low-budget.

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