vrijdag 16 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget highlighter from Max & More

Yeah, I'm an avid visitor of the Action! And what I've found now is soooo beautiful. A highlight of Max & More. And of course I wanted to try this because everything what lowbudget is, I want tot try and share my findings with you so you can buy a highlighter if you don't have enough money to spend.

Highlighter Illuminator Visage

As the name says: the illuminator light up your face. A metamorphosis you could call it. What a shine and what a beautiful colors on the cheek. This highlighter is quite nice for dark skin because it emits a bronze glow.

Package, Information and content

The highlighter is in a square black box as we accustomed from Max & More . The box looks like stable but unfortunately it's cheap plastic so it can break very quickly. So beware if you put it in your makeup bag. I usually put a rubber band around it in case it's going to break. On the top, on the right side of the box 01 NUDE. Well it's certainly not nude on my skin color. More gold/bronze glow. According to the description you need to remove the product with a makeup remover based on oil. perhaps this means that it delivers a fairly intense color which you have to remove it with the with oil-based remover? All information regarding the product is good and clearly defined.

The highlighter

When you open the box you will see four colors of bronze from dark to white. With this kind of products I've always sit and think how to summon it with a brush, because if you want to use one color it is not possible! Should you whipe with your brush from light to dark or dark to light? I just try from light to dark. Although .... I when I get my finger on the blush I saw a very nice color on it. I must say that a lot of powder was coming from it but it wasn't dusty.



For the price € 0.99 I would not let it lie. I say buy. The intensity of the color is great and you only need a little bit to get the shine on your cheekbones. Blending is easy and gives a healthy glow on your dark skin. I do not know how the product's will looks on a light skin but I would say just try it.

Have you bought this highlighter from Max & More? I want to know what your experience is with this product. Leave your comment below this blogpost.