maandag 12 december 2016

BEAUTY | The lowbudget Shape & Contourpalette from Max Brand

The store Action is getting better and better, especially if you love makeup and beauty. What do you think of this low-budget Shape and Blush palette? You can make the Christmas look complete with this palette. Very lowbudget. Just read my review.

Package and information

The palette is packaged in a cardboard box that feels firm. The palette itself is plastic which is very fragile, so be careful with the palette. The colors are named on the back of the carton and indicates which color has which function.

Using the Palette on a dark skin

I would say use the Pressed Powder as contour or shape colors because the light colors are not usefull for us. The darkest color can be used as contour color. The four blush colors are great. They are very powdery and you should not do too much on your brush because an oasis of powder comes off. So be careful with the powder. The four colors of blush are: pink, peach, pink and coral. The four colors of face powder are: warm ivory, banana yellow, sandy beige and chocolate brown.

Warm Ivory would use to shaping / highlight, color Banana Yellow to fix the concealer on your face, Chocolate Brown is an contour color for the dark skin.

The colors on the dark skin


The blush I apply on my arm with a brush. Watch the powder properly. So sparingly use powder: Pink, Peach, Rose and Coral

Compressed Powder

So for the lighter skin is the facepowder good but for a darker skin it's too light. So don't use it as facepowder. Use the powder for shaping and contours.

If you look at the price you will be laughing. It's very cheap soo very lowbudget. I don't have the bill anymore but it will cost around the € 1,50.


I would buy this palette and especially with the holidays (Christmas and New Years Eve) where you want to look festive but do not have much money to spend.

I hope this review is enough to have encouraged you to buy this product. Have fun with it. It can even be given as a Christmas gift. Nice is not it?