donderdag 1 december 2016

PERSONAL | Long time no see

A long time you haven't heard from me because I had absolutely no inspiration anymore. I have many plans in my head but it just did not come out. Do not worry because I have already made a "to do list" and made pictures of subjects I wanted to talk or to write about. I hope that the inspiration will come in the coming months to excite you with my stories and articles.

What's on my mind

A lot actually but I need to run it. Recent months have seen a lot and got a lot to write over about Travel, Beauty, Food, etc. Took some pictures and edited in picassa.


I've been to the Christmas market in Munster, Germany, and immediately noticed that the German culture is different than in the Netherlands. There is more attention and the Germans have more choices in eating and drinking, but above all trinkets that here I have never seen in the Netherlands. Last year I went to the Christmas market in Dusseldorf but Munster were several squares feature Christmas markets. This article will comes as soon as possible.

The National Museum (Rijksmuseum) is worth for a visit. Next week I will spend a whole day in this Museum and hopefully they allow my to take pictures.


I have some new beauty products that are worth to write about it! The shape, contour and blush palette of Action Nederland that I find very beautiful, skin finish facepowder from MAC Cosmetics, the dupe from the Artis Makeup brush, blush and bronzer from a german brand Alterra based on natural ingredients, etc. etc.


After a nightout we've always hungry and a shoarma is always a good meal to have in the middle of the night. I've changed to buy shoarma outside the door and make it by myself. I've got lamb meat in my freezer and can make my own shoarma. One of these days I will write the recipe. Just wonderful and tasty this dish.


I believe that you always must take good care of yourselve and that personal care is very important. With stuff and household stuff I will show you how to make skincare or beautystuff using the products you already have in your home. What to do if you have the flu and a bad cold. Steam bath? Yes, but the way my mother always learned me.

On Thursday, November 17th this year. I've become 50 years old and I can actually still don't believe it, but I believe it's just a figure but the feeling tells me something else. I do not feel 50 year, I do not always looks like a 50 year old lady and I'm not 50! That's one thing that's for sure
Paula 10 years ago

I hope you continue to follow me for I am not yet stopped blogging .... only I needed inspiration and it'scoming little by little.