donderdag 5 januari 2017

BEAUTY | The beautiful lowbudget bronzer from Alterra Naturkosmetik

Previously I've wrote a review about the low-budget brand Alterra. During my visit to Germany, I also saw that they had a great color of bronzer that's perfect for a dark skin. I've always had problems when buying a bronzer because it was usually too light for my skin. The Golden Wish MultiColour Bronzer is a awesome asset to my makeup stash

Alterra Naturkosmetik - Golden Wish - Glory Bronze

I have already wrote a review about the blush from the Alterra which Rossmann has developed this product based on natural ingredients, but I realized that it is a series of products from Golden Wish. Time to actually go back to Germany they are more in this series

What is a bronzer and how do you use it?

A bronzer is mostly a brown/terra collored powder which you can use to give your skin a sunnier touch. It is a fine product that you can use to make your skin, subtle, darker without it looks unnatural. Check out videos on YouTube how you apply a bronzer.

A Bronzer you can apply to the parts of your face where you are normally fastest brown. A powderbronzer you can apply it the best with a large, wide powder brush or possibly a special source tombstone washes or wider blush brush with real hair. The powderbronzer divides subtle and the effect is the best. You go for the sunkissed effect, then it is best to use a bronzer with a subtle sheen, matte bronzer (which there are) are therefor sometimes too dull and that are particularly suitable again for use as a shaping powder.

If you have a round face you can use the bronzer to let your face appear more oval. You can get it by using the bronzer or a dark colored powder with a three-movement step over your sleep over your cheekbones and along your jaw with a brush. You'll see results immediately.

The Glory Bronze from Alterra

Such a beautifull which got 3 colors in the powder but on the brush and on your skin it gives a light color. But when I put the bronzer on my face it turns dark. It is the right color for my dark skin and so it is YES for me. 

If you visit Germany, you have to go to Rossmann and look at the products from Alterra.