donderdag 5 januari 2017

My favorit beautyproducts from 2016

2016 has been passed for a few days. We're now living in 2017. Time flies fast and so much has happened in my personal life but also in beauty. I've been thinking what I have discovered in 2016 when we talking about beauty. Of course, you always have your favorites and therefore I will show you my favorite makeup products in this blogpost. Unfortunately Essence and Catrice have no foundation and concealers for dark skin otherwise I would want to buy all the products of them.

My favorite makeup products at a glance

1. Primer

I have tried all kinds of primers from lowbudget to highend but my favorite is the one from Smashbox. It is a significant investment for me early this year but you only need very little. The Photo Finish Primer is totally awesome. I use the primer mainly on special occasions were they made lots of pictures. And it really helps. But if you have less money and you want to wear makeup every day than use a cheap primer from Max & More (Action) although there certainly is a difference in substance. But your makeup will stay all day.

2. Foundation

There are two foundations that are favorites for me for the seasons winter/spring and summer/fall. Namely the foundations from HEMA (color fits perfectly with my skin color) and MAC Cosmetics. A foundation belongs as to fit close to your skin as it is otherwise it is too light OR it is too dark and both are NOT DONE.

3. Concealers

I do not always need a corrective concealer but I have the one from MAC Cosmetics. In addition, a concealer that two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight the area around your eyes. Both products are from Mac. Since the MAC products are fairly pricey, I also use a cheaper/lowbudget concealer the one from L.A. Girl in the  color FAWN

4. Powders


To secure your concealer, I recently actually just use the yellow powders Sacha Buttercup settingowder and the one from ELF. 2 different products actually 2 different colors yellow exhibit but prices vary enormously.


Use a facepowder align with your skintone of the moment. So for the winter/spring, use a different color for summer/fall. The Black Opal deluxe finishing powder is much lighter than the Etos facepowder but both are good for my face color.

5. Contour- or bronzingpowder

I must say that I not always contours or bronze. Actually just for special occasions. Using a bronzer usually when the summer is over because you want to retain the tinted skin. The contourpalettes from Max & More and Sleek where my favorits in 2016.

6. Blush & Highlighters

There are a range of blushes which are beautiful and i've got a lot in my makeup stash, so I can't name a favorit. I just buy blushes that are on sale at that time or they are simply lowbudget. This is different with the highlighter! The highlighters from (for example) H & M or the highlighterpalette from Sleek is awesome. Super products.

7. Brows & Mascara

Talking about brows?!! I'm still learning how to create the right eyebrow shape and tried all kinds of pencils, gels, dipbrows etc. and i'm still come to the conclusion that the following products are good. Unfortunately I can not buy the products from Anastasia Beverly Hills but in compensation I still found some that do just as well.

8. Eyeshadow (pallets)

Let's talk about eyeshadow. I love the palettes and last year throw away the single eyeshadows because how to order them in my makeup stash? Better using palettes. My favorites are the dupes from Too Faced! For example, the Chocolate Bar dupe. Totally awesome and for sale at the Kruidvat or Trekpleister. And of course the eyeshadow palettes from W7 !!

These where my favorites of 2016. But...I'm not ready about 2016! In another blogpost I will continue because we have to talk about lipsticks, brushes and other products