maandag 30 november 2015

Let I introduce myself

Hello world, welcome on my blogpage Created By Paula World. In the common time I will show you my world from Beauty, Food, Travel, Lifestyle and DIY art.


Everything that has to do with make-up. From low budget to high end and everything that is on offer and what I can buy at that time, I will buy but with in my head saying "Do I need it and can I afford it ? Since I was a little girl I was always busy with doing my hair and doing my eyebrows and trying to be looking good. So Beauty is my hobby and it will be forever


I love cooking. I cook every day with fresh stuff and all the stuff in my fridge I will keep them so fresh as possible. I usually cook for a few days or put food in freezer bags in the freezer. I never buy meals from the supermarket or the ready-to-eat meals because you do not know what's inside and what flavor enhancers it added. No, I want control over my food.


I try as much as possible to make things by myself. Changing a bare vase into a trendy eye-catcher or pimping a mug into a candleholder. I love everything what is crafting or scrapbooking.

Mixed Media Canvas

I'm totally in love with creating mixed media canvas . By working on the canvas I encourage to perform the most creative ideas straight from my brains . They say that the canvas reflects your feelings . Well, that may be true. Creating a mixed media canvas can take nearly a month to complete and therefore I do everything very easy.


If your budget allows then you have to see the world as much as possible . Every year going to the same holiday country is not particularly developed for me. Different kinds of people come to know and experience different cultures is good for your overall development. At least .... I think....

My blog page includes topics whom can make your life easy and happy on a low budget basic....Don't worry be happy is my slogan.

Enjoy reading