woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Time flies. It's already the end of August and I've done so much and the result are so much good. I have therefore written very less on my blog page, but nevertheless I 'm working every day on Instagram by posting photos. Love the summer but it is already almost over . But never mind, always keep the sun in your heart and feel it and it will brings lot of joy back and happiness into your life. Look with me to the images placed in August.

dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

Lifestyle | (De)clutter and cleaning before Fall is falling

Summer is obviously not quite over but it is advisable to prepare to advance for autumn . This is not only or beauty, but also in your lifestyle like at home. Summer items are already cleaned and clutterd and your house is totally ready and clean. You can, for example, throw or give away anything that has to with summer. 


So you always start with the living room. You pull out all the covers from the cushions and places all the accessories of the place and makes everything clean. Everything has to go into the washer to wass them all on the end of the day. Check which accesorry you want to keep, sell, throw away or give away. I've got a lot but i'm not afraid to selling them or to give away because I always use old stuff to make them new. 

The floor

I've got a laminated floor in my house so you will see everywhere rugs on the floor. But there will be coming a change because on the website from Sukhi I've found very nice and beautyiful rugs. In any case, the carpet backing I've sprinkled with backingpowder. You might think " Why backing powder ? ". Very simple, backing powder removes all odors from your carpet and if you let it overnight and cleans it the next morning with the vacuumcleaner, the rug will be fresh and super clean. No more stains and no bad smells .

Selling on internet

Make fron all accessories a photo and create an account on a website where you can sell your stuff. Post the pictures and don't forget to think how much you want for the accessories. Consider also all y the paints or stuff hanging on the wall. Take them off and clean them and take a picture and sell , give them away or just put it in the trash. That's quicker offcourse...I did it!

The bedroom

As in the spring I 'm totally going to clean the bedroom. Discard, give away or sell clothing, shoes and bags you don't use the last past year. Take all the paintings or stuff which are hanging on the walls and window sills, wash duvets and put them cleanlay in bed. The mattress sprinkle with backing powder and leave overnight and vacuuming the next morning with a vacuum cleaner. You do not know what you will find how much bacteria there is in your mattress. Your mattress will smelling super fresh and you will sleep also tasty.

The bathroom

Everything is taken out of the bathroom by myself and all the products are thrown away or given away because they weren't used or the date is overtime. The furniture is completely cleaned and be devoted to the remaining products. A clean bathroom and you can find the right products because everything is organized. Do not forget to clean the washing outside and within... and in particular the filter because it should be cleaned regularly . Your machine will work longer.

A house that has been cleared and emptier is a relief. You can find everything quickly and brings a breath of fresh air in the house. Positivity flowing through your house and you will be filled with positive energy. You can now prepare for the dark days of autumn. But the only space I have to do is the kitchen. I will descripe it in the next blogpost.



maandag 29 augustus 2016

De nicest pictures on Instagram over the month July

The schools are starting again here in The Netherlands, and the regular ordinary life is put into motion again. Also mines offcourse. I can look back on a wonderful sunny and sometimes rainy summer but it doesn't affect my mood. On the contrary. I enjoyed taking pictures with my SLR and below I'll show you the most favorite pictures that are liked on Instagram. First the photographs of the month of July and the pictures from August you will see in the next blog. Enjoy watching.

The month of July was very intense and has given me inspiration for the next six months. There are new developments and new perspectives that makes a human only positive.

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zondag 7 augustus 2016

TRAVEL | Photoimpression EuroPride Amsterdam 2016 : the canaltour

Saturday, August 6, everyone knows (I think) that the Europride Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Tour was held on this day. I was there too and have created a range of photos. The weather was unexpectedly very nice, the sun shone all day and the atmosphere in the city was again super coz. This atmosphere reminds me on the Amsterdam as I know in the past. Despite the terror threat everything went very peaceful in accordance with the journal and the media.

I enjoyed the afternoon but the evening and night was even more fun and the atmosphere was great. The dressed people who walked around and everything is allowed and everything is possible. There were a lot of tourists and various nationalities who were socialize together but mostly dancing !

Today is Sunday, August 7th and the EuroPride Amsterdam wil be ended with big partys in the various clubs here in Amsterdam. We have managed to secure a place on the guest list and hopefully I can take pictures. We shall see.