vrijdag 30 september 2016

BEAUTY | Drugstore Etos Banana Powder - New in stock

Finally I have time to write an article but there are still piles of issues to be finished but let's first start with Beauty. The Etos drugstore has a new product in the shelves ... yes .... a banana powder that actually looks yellow. Read my review and get then to the store.

Banana powder

I do not really have to explain because in my previous blog post I've wrote some reviews on various brands banana powder. Of course, the famous one is from Ben Nye but now there are several brands who also produced this powder. W7, Black Opal, Sacha Cosmetics, E.L.F. etc.

Etos Bananapowder

I really didn't know that the Etos would bring this powder on the market. I had not really expected it. Yes, I've hoped they would do it and suddenly wham bam ...here it is. I tested the powder and I must say .... awesome.

Packaging and the powder

I'll write these components into one subject because I believe that this article is quickly and easily to write. The packaging is just like for example the loose powder from Hema, almost the same. A transparent box with a black lid with Etos written on it and in white lettres Banana powder. Very simple. If you open the box, there is a protective plastic they put on the holes. When removing I was expecting a lot of dust, but nothing is less true. The product is not too dusty and doesnt flying through the whole room. A plus I must say. Other dusting powders always flys all over the place so you always need to protect your clothes. I'm very satisfied.

The color

When I opend the box, I saw immediately that the color is really soft yellow. On my dark skin the color yellow will be transform. Now I must say that I have become very dark because of the sun during the holiday and were hesitant about how it will manifest on my skin under the eyes. I tested them. When applying it on the back of my hand I saw it was too light, but when I went to blur and blend it with a brush, you saw a subtle color yellow that sat on your skin. Then I tried it on my face and I have to say ... perfect. No circles seen.


Buy this product if you are curious! Even if you have a dark tanned skin. Note that you blend the powder very well on your skin because we don't want to see differences on our face. I am pleased with this product and it's easier for me to get this product because there is a Etos drugstore in my street. So buy it and do it.

Have you already bought the banana powder of the Etos drugstore? What is your opinion about this product?



vrijdag 16 september 2016

TRAVEL - To gosttown Kayaköy (Karmylassos) in Turkey

If you are on vacation or to visit family in Turkey or you want to show your new lover Turkey, go and visit the gosttown Kayaköy ( Karmylassos ). I recommended this trip. If you like culture and tranquility this is the ideal place to be . You can not just sniff culture here but there are plenty of eating and sleeping to spend your vacation.

A short history about Kayaköy

Kayaköy (Rock village) occur at the beginning of the 14th century, is located a few kilometers south of the popular seaside town of Fethiye and in the time of the Romans and Greeks first named Lebessos and later Lebessus and later Livissi . The village was abandoned by Greek residents who returned to Greece in the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923. The village currently looks very left out of the ruins and the almost intact houses and churches , but in the winter it is even bleaker than you come in spring or summer. This village is also considered one of the cultural heritages of the world. I even thought that the governement intends to rent the village for 49 years under one condition that the village is being restored. It has turned into an important cultural center where every summer festivals and international events. Unfortunately, I have not experienced one of these events in the past 7 years .

 Restaurants, Hotels, etc.

Of course, this town does not only exist without the necessary tourist facilities such as restaurants, souvenir shops , cafes and bars. Below a photo impression of some that I spotted and that were open at that time.

Flowers and herbs

When I was there it was a shower of green and young flowers. It was spring and you can smell the aroma of all the flowers and herbs. But I photographed were so beautiful . Everywhere you smell the scent of thyme and other herbs.


The only thing I saw is that you could do a camel tour . Not that it really worked with the animal -;))

These were still some pictures and issues that I had for Turkey. For the common years, other countries I want to discover which are even better and give more joy. Keep following my blog page.