maandag 31 oktober 2016

Lifestyle | I love the rugs from Sukhi

I'm trying to make my house emptier and emptier to create more space for also my heath. I saw immediately that my current rug is very quick weared and you can see it immediately when your house is less from stuff, so there must be another rug ... but fortunately I saved money to buy a good quality carpet that lasts longer than a year. And I found it on the website from Sukhi. A great site with the most beautiful rugs ever! At least ... I like it. Just read along with me.

Searching on internet

I know 2016 is almost over but the colors of 2016 will stay and the changing is not so big. The colors of the year 2016 are pastel shades so I'm basically looking for colors that are close to me, on the function and material of the rug, then quality and actually most importantly appreciated. And I've obviously I looked on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and was always the same company that meets my preference and taste. Sukhi has a clear manifest on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. etc. So I came on Sukhi website. Do I want a red, blue or I want for natural shades? I do not know yet.

About Sukhi

When you look at the website of Sukhi, you will read that Sukhi means "HAPPY"! Well, I was certainly glad and happy when I looked at the shop. They have beautiful colors, carpets and diversity of material and these are the only functions which made me more curious. In addition, all rugs are handmade and come from various countries such as India, Nepal, Morocco and Turkey. And the most important thing is that when you buy a rug, you also helps the people in those countries by providing their work. So I found this to be a good initiative.

Check yourself through the links / URLs where you will find the information on the various rugs:

dress Felt:

dress Patchwork:

Beni Ouarain:

Dress spheres:

The colors and materials I have chosen

I wanted to keep my house very neutral with soft colors and an eye-catcher as brown, black or dark red. Meanwhile, my white bookcase already completely empty and has been cleaned up or destroyed all the paperwork and I gave everything in one color (white and glass) so it looks peaceful. Well, it is a psychological thing that I have learned of an interior stylist. Now it is important to choose the right carpet and the right color. You look with me and give me advice! After I downloaded all the pictures I found out that these rugs are made in or coming from Turkey ...

1. After a long search I still thought that I hold in beige. So the next three dress it fell in my taste because the pictures in color arrangement is entirely in accordance with my house. 

My choise

I can not decide, so I ask help from you. Check also with me on the website from Sukhi and help me to choose the right carpet. Take a look at the materials and the cost and please leave a comment below this blog post which carpet I have to choose. But I know for sure that if you surf on the website you also buy a rug!! Or maybe not, but I'm sure you will be enthusiastic just like me about the rugs and the shop.



dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

BEAUTY | Hair loss? Try this 2 months and your problem is over

Nothing is so annoying when you find a bunch of hair after you've brushed your hair or you suddenly find a big tuft of hair in your hands during washing your hair while showering. At first I was shocked and then I went to the doctor but it's in the genes OR i'm overstressed. I've had it starting from my childhood and have tried all sorts of means, but nothing helped. Finally bought a shampoo at the hairdresser wholesaler. The product worked well but a bottle of shampoo for € 20, = was even for me a bit too expensive. So I searched on internet what alternative there was for me. And yes, I've found it.

Salt in your hair?

Hair loss doesn't only find by women but men also suffer from this problem. It is a big problem and can cause depression and social awkwardness. There are many resources on the market to combat hair loss but they are packed with chemicals and prolonged use of the chemicals can not be good for the body.

There is a product you can find in your kitchen that can be used very well. Right, salt! Sea salt with iodine salt or Himalayan salt is very popular for beauty treatments for example scrubbing. Salt has a healing property and is rich in minerals which is beneficial for your skin. You will after some time also observe hair growth. Funny isn't it ?!

Seasalt is used quite often, for example in the saunas. You scrub your skin because the product removes dead skin cells. It strengthens tissues, helps in cell generation and boosts the bloodcirculation. It has also have a revitalizing and moisturizing effect on your body. 

How to use this product in your hair?

The only thing you have to do is first wash your hair like you always do. Then make it dry with a towel. 

Take a handful of salt (table salt, sea salt or Himalayan) and massage for 15 minutes your scalp. Then rinse and wash with normal shampoo. Repeat this treatment twice a week for the duration of 2 months and you will see the results! Your hair is thicker and hair growth will appear in areas where the hair was or where it is most noticeable. Besides removing salt purify dandruff from your hair.

This treatment will only result if you do this twice a week for two months I wonder who is going to do this or just did it. Leave a comment below this blogpost how you did it.



maandag 10 oktober 2016

BEAUTY | Make your own shampoo

Not everyone has a job and has to live on what you ingest in revenue. This means that you have to improvise a lot in your spending and be creative and ultimately itworks. Care products such as shampoos are actually fun and fragrant products but to buy new things is quite expensive. I thought to make it yourself.


Making homemade products is fun because you know exactly what is in a product. You can use almost everything what you got at home. Like baking soda, vinegar, coconut milk, beeswax, petroleum jelly, etc.


Regularly happens that your shampoo is suddenly empty and you grabs an empty bottle. It's always handy to have a homemade shampoo in your closet.

What do you need?

For oily hair: apple cider vinegar (though vinegar is also good) and baking soda

How do you make it?

Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda and 3 teaspoons water and put them in a jar or bottle. Baking soda cleans your scalp and also has odor out of your hair. Basically you have to add the two ingredients as needed. Smear the paste into your hair and let it soak, then rinse well.

Shampoo for daily using

1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup liquid soap, 1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil (to get at the drugstore), 1 teaspoon fener boom powder (at the supermarket or health food store). 20 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of rosemary oil (good for scalp and anti-bacteria).

Mixing all these ingredients together in a pot and let it stand for plusminus 15 minutes, and then you start to lubricate hair in with the fluid. Bet you like it.

Try it all out and in terms of scents you can choose course decide which fragrance you want. Do you have any more tips than I like to see this in a comment below this blog post.



zondag 9 oktober 2016

TRAVEL | Theaterfestival De Parade in Amsterdam

It's been a while ago that the mobile theaterfestival De Parade was in Amsterdam. I've visited this event. This theater has been coming annually to Amsterdam but also to other major cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Theaterfestival De Parade

The Parade plays more than 100 theater, dance, mime and music shows in the tents, mostly created especially for the festival. We start our tour in Rotterdam and travel with all artists, staff, tents and restaurants through The Hague to Utrecht and closing traditionally place in Amsterdam. In addition to the evening performances there every day an extensive Kids Parade with theater, music performances and workshops and play there every evening two live bands, at Cafe Sound and Hotel Vile.

The performances are suitable for foreigners, are identified by the LNP (Language No Problem) logo.

Source: The Parade

16 augustus 2016

On this day we visited the festival. The festival was held at the Martin Luther King Park in Amsterdam. Every year I went to it and now I noticed that the festival has become increasingly larger than before. There's plenty to do. Eat, drink, watch performances or just sitting on a bench and watching people. In short, a big happening with the most bizarre people or artists who walk around here.

Keep in mind that you also have to pay entryfees in addition to the entrance fee when visiting a show. The prices are between € 5, = and € 10, -

In addition, a variety of food and beverage choices so enough and something for everyone and for kids is considered.

I know The Parade has already been a few months ago but I could not keep it away from you so that's why I've wrote this blogpost.



zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

PERSONAL | Women get Menopause...Men get Andropause

Today I'm going to talk about totally different than travel or food, namely about menopause and the "transition". What is it and what are its characteristics? At what age can you get it and what happens with your hormones?

How does it start?

If I googling oninternet and type the word menopause then there are all kinds of stories of women but not really the meaning of MENOPAUSE and what the symptoms are. Menopause is the time in a woman's life when the menstrual pattern changes including the first menstruation-free years where you are still having menopausal symptoms. The transition may take 7 to 10 years. Menopause is only the last menstrual period or rather the menstrual cycle which means that you are infertile. So your body or rather alter the hormones and ova estrogen and progesterone to make more. Psychologically it is very difficult to handle.
When menopause on the naturally way begins, it usually happens around the age of 51. But some women the menopause can started begin around 40 year. Most scientists assume that the (natural) early menopause is determined by the genes.

What are the symptoms?

For me it started with excessive sweating, restless sleep, incredible appetite for more food (but I had always been), mood swings (crabby, anxious and irritable), one moment hot and other time cold feelings, etc. etc., weight gain, I began to have chest pain, muscle and joint pains, etc. etc. too much to list it !! Unfortunately you can't help it and not everybody understand your environment but most people (including men) know what comprises the "transition" and take this into account. That is why I always prepare for the hot flashes and  always have extra clothing such as a singlet, t-shirt short-sleeved t-shirt long-sleeved jacket and sit in the bag. But most importantly, I have deodorant and Ymea with me.

How do I handle this?

If I remember correctly, I already had menopause around my 45th year, and then I became slowly in transition. It was a very difficult period and you have several symptoms that you experience every day. There's a lot happening with your body but also your mental health so you get caught up with your own self. The doctor gave me the advice to do something about it such as taking preparations like Ymea. This preparation will support you through the "transition" to reduce the symptoms.

A tip to this phenomena is to use as little as possible, hot beverages or carbonated drinks, layered clothing so that you attract or please take off your jacket at each hot flash. Eat as little as possible "to" spicy foods and too much stress can all lead to hot flashes. I experienced a time it was the middle of winter but I was suffering from hot flashes and ran into a shirt around. Can you imagine? Anyway .... when I had a lot of stress ... drank a lot of coffee and ate TO SEASONED food every night. So 1 and 1 = 2


I always make sure that I am showered with a nurturing showergel so that my skin looked after the whole day. I also use many products as possible with citrus in it because they feel very fresh and smells good. Take for example deodorant or body mist on citrus base.

In addition, I make sure that I do every day
  • fresh fruits and vegetables eat or drink
  • Adequate fiber in the form of pasta and rice
  • like iron supply by fish, red meat, eggs, etc. to eat
  • calcium by eating and drinking 2 to 4 servings of dairy products and calcium-rich foods a day like dairy products, sardines and canned salmon, broccoli and legumes. A good intake of calcium for women aged 51 years and older is 1,200 milligrams per day.

Do Men also have menopause?

Yep, even men got a kind of menopause but the name is Andropause. Men thinks that the don't have it and deny it.
The testosterone levels decreased gradually as they age. This is a normal process. About 12% of men between 40 and 70 years receive complaints by a hormone deficiency.

Many complaints in the Andropause are:
  • Complaints of declining health during aging
  • Decrease in libido or lust
  • erection Problems
  • Reduced muscle strength, more belly fat
  • Decreased energy, apathy and less initiative
  • Reduced general wellbeing
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anemia
  • Osteoporosis or osteoporosis

So for men it's heavy storm because it is less well known than women! They get into depression and get there but not without realizing that they are in a andropause. If they do not seek help or they ruin a lot of things for themselves and will never come out.

At the end

Because the transition already happened for my 50th happened, I will not have children anymore and that is mentally seen quite a disappointment but I can deal with it by seeing it as a fact. The important thing is to enjoy life while you are still on this earth. To compensation I do other fun things that makes me happy and that I have become a strong woman. Stand up for myself and especially if you've always lived independently. Take care of myself: eat three times a day, give your skin a good skin- and dentalcare, always make sure that you look good, walk a lot in the air (not too much in front of the television) and keep laughing every day because of laughter you will be happy again ! So you will stimulates other hormones again !!

So far my story


vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

TRAVEL | Veere...a nice little city in the south of the Netherlands

With the sunny wheater we went to Zeeland in the south west from The Netherlands. Zeeland got lots of islands and Veere is a city on one of the islands namely Walcheren. A very beautiful and old historical city where you will discover that you return into the past. My feeling of having a holiday stays in my body because there where many tourist who visiting Veere. Read with me and see the pictures as I've seen them through my camera.

The name Veere means "ferry": Wolfert Van Borsselen established a ferry there in 1281.[5] Veere received city rights in 1355.

Where is Veere?

Veere is a historic village on the Veerse lake on the former island of Walcheren in Zeeland. Veere is one of the places in New Zealand which have a conservation area.
Veere was founded sometime in the 12th or 13th century and experienced a high economic growth in the 16th century. This was primarily because Veere had stack on Scottish wool and therefore  had here the monopoly. In this period the city hall of Veere Built known for its carillon. The Scottish houses on the quay date from this period and are now a museum. In the basement of the premises known as "The Lammeken" and "The Struijs" in a restaurant located.


Beautiful old buildings

I imagined myself in a totally different world when I walked through Veere. Picturesque little houses and a center that feels very cozy and foreign. walk on the quay and think that you walk around in Scotland.

Back in time to Grandmothers time

A candy shop, an antique shop, a small old bookstore that sells cigarettes, a bakery, etc. In Veere they have no supermarket so if they want to buy food and drinks they have to go to a supermarket in another village.

Lots of things to see | Sights

Veere had in the past a very important function because of the wool but the main core is still the harbor. With the beautiful weather you saw lots of ships going in and going out of the harbor. Very nice to see.

This photo impression shows that Veere is worth for a visit. Cozy town, a nice cozy harbor and lots of tourists in the summer months even in September.

Have you ever been to Veere or do you live in Veere? Do you agree with me that Veere is beautiful? Leave a comment below this blog post.