maandag 31 oktober 2016

Lifestyle | I love the rugs from Sukhi

I'm trying to make my house emptier and emptier to create more space for also my heath. I saw immediately that my current rug is very quick weared and you can see it immediately when your house is less from stuff, so there must be another rug ... but fortunately I saved money to buy a good quality carpet that lasts longer than a year. And I found it on the website from Sukhi. A great site with the most beautiful rugs ever! At least ... I like it. Just read along with me.

Searching on internet

I know 2016 is almost over but the colors of 2016 will stay and the changing is not so big. The colors of the year 2016 are pastel shades so I'm basically looking for colors that are close to me, on the function and material of the rug, then quality and actually most importantly appreciated. And I've obviously I looked on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and was always the same company that meets my preference and taste. Sukhi has a clear manifest on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. etc. So I came on Sukhi website. Do I want a red, blue or I want for natural shades? I do not know yet.

About Sukhi

When you look at the website of Sukhi, you will read that Sukhi means "HAPPY"! Well, I was certainly glad and happy when I looked at the shop. They have beautiful colors, carpets and diversity of material and these are the only functions which made me more curious. In addition, all rugs are handmade and come from various countries such as India, Nepal, Morocco and Turkey. And the most important thing is that when you buy a rug, you also helps the people in those countries by providing their work. So I found this to be a good initiative.

Check yourself through the links / URLs where you will find the information on the various rugs:

dress Felt:

dress Patchwork:

Beni Ouarain:

Dress spheres:

The colors and materials I have chosen

I wanted to keep my house very neutral with soft colors and an eye-catcher as brown, black or dark red. Meanwhile, my white bookcase already completely empty and has been cleaned up or destroyed all the paperwork and I gave everything in one color (white and glass) so it looks peaceful. Well, it is a psychological thing that I have learned of an interior stylist. Now it is important to choose the right carpet and the right color. You look with me and give me advice! After I downloaded all the pictures I found out that these rugs are made in or coming from Turkey ...

1. After a long search I still thought that I hold in beige. So the next three dress it fell in my taste because the pictures in color arrangement is entirely in accordance with my house. 

My choise

I can not decide, so I ask help from you. Check also with me on the website from Sukhi and help me to choose the right carpet. Take a look at the materials and the cost and please leave a comment below this blog post which carpet I have to choose. But I know for sure that if you surf on the website you also buy a rug!! Or maybe not, but I'm sure you will be enthusiastic just like me about the rugs and the shop.